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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Twenty First [:

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been on a hiatus because I was busy preparing for my birthday party and all. Now that I'm 21 and old, I hope I'll have more money to try more food... HAHA. Sounds damn sad. Okay so anyway, my birthday was pretty damn awesome. The Star planned a whole day of activities for us. He gave me a red packet with K dollars(he drew them himself) and I was supposed to use them to buy clues and then choose the destinations based on the clues! So creative and smart hahaha. And I really enjoyed myself!

First stop was Loysel's Toy Cafe, followed by the IT fair, after which we went to Lilliputt for mini golf and to The Garden Slug for dinner and finally, dessert at Gobi. We both fell in love with Gobi, at first sight of the pretty place and at first taste of the desserts. TOO AWESOME. We ended the night with a Manchester United win over Man.City YAY!

Haha what a wonderful day and what an amazing boy! I'll blog about these places in detail soon! [:


Love, The Sun

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy birthday to my Sun (:

Today is the Sun's birthday.
Happy birthday baby!
love much (:

Here's the final clue:
"behind that grey door and in the first black box"