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Saturday, March 9, 2024

238 Dog-Friendly Cafes & Restaurants in Singapore for a Pawfect Date


Dog owners are constantly looking for dog-friendly cafes and restaurants to take their precious furkids because we just want to bring our babies with us everywhere we go (myself included)!! So I've decided to compile the ultimate guide to dog-friendly/pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in Singapore! I believe this is the only guide you need so do bookmark it and check back often as it will be updated constantly. I can't keep track of all the changes that take place so while I strive to keep this list as accurate as possible, I'll advise you to make a reservation where possible, and give the eateries a call to double check! If you know of a dog-friendly venue that's not on this list, please let me know! Do also share with me your favourite dog-friendly places, and the best dog-friendly cafes or restaurants in your opinion!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pets Picnic 2016 @ Sentosa Cove

 photo Pets Picnic 2016 17.jpg
King Waffles and I attended the third edition of Pets Picnic Party at Sentosa Cove and we had a blast! It was heaven on earth, as hundreds of adorable pups and dog-lovers gathered, injecting life, buzz and joy into the quiet and tranquail Sentosa Cove. I was very impressed with the picnic pack which comes with a really durable picnic mat, Watermelon Seafood Fried Rice from Gin Khao, chips from Mister Potato, drinks from Snapple and doggy treats from Jerhigh.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ah B Cafe & Pawlicious

 photo P4124017.jpg
HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY TO MY ONE TRUE LOVE AND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! Waffles the Maltese (IG @ wafflesthemaltese) just turned five and we held a birthday party for him, as usual. We pick a new dog cafe to go to every year and this year we've decided to pop by Ah B Cafe at Sunny Heights! Sunny Heights used to be K9 Kulture where I worked as a dog handler for about 10 months. It's essentially a dog daycare plus boarding place where there's a pool for your pooches too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Laneway Market

 photo PC270731.jpg
I popped by the soft launch of The Laneway Market on 27th December and was really amazed at what Christopher has done with the entire place. From designing the place to coming up with the menu and all, immeasurable amount of hard work has been placed into this pretty cafe. I got to know Chris as he's one of my bakers for Mean Bean & Wicked Grind, and we have grown to become pretty great friends over the months. He pops by Mean Bean quite often and starting learning a little about coffee and the art of making coffee and I can't tell you how proud I am of him and The Laneway Market. And I'm definitely a proud shi-fu to see my disciple grow in his coffee-making hahaha

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stirling Highway II

 photo P7166364.jpg
Back at Stirling Highway for dinner! Made a call earlier in the day and realised that they have all day breakfast now and this means that I could finally try the much raved about pulled pork pancakes that was sold out the previous time I was here!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Flock Cafe

 photo P5045453-1.jpg
A popular brunch spot in the popular Tiong Bahru Estate, Flock was packed when I got there on a Sunday afternoon. I made a reservation a day in advance for an outdoor table because I brought the little furball with me!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

III Cafe

 photo P4124833.jpg
Waffles celebrated his 4th birthday at III Cafe at East Coast Road on 12th April!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The 4 Legged

 photo P2092871.jpg
The 4 Legged is a pretty new dog cafe that sits along the now very popular Jalan Leban. We have brought our little prince, Waffles, to most of the dog cafes in Singapore and to be very frank, this is the best one that we have been to so far.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sun Ray Cafe

 photo PA130010.jpg

We brought the little one out for some playtime before his monthly grooming session. Please pardon his dirty whiskers haha they are the result of him stealing butter bread from the kitchen.

Have long been wanting to bring Waffles here but I just never got down to it. Finally got the chance to visit!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

W39 Bistro & Bakery

 photo P9218736.jpg

Good news have finally arrived for the westsiders. For a long time, the only places in the west where we could get a decent brunch and a good cup of coffee are Bukit Timah and Holland Village. And one of the common complaints were that there's nothing to eat in the west. W39 has brought hope to the western part of our sunny island!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Revolution Coffee

 photo P9017535.jpg

X and I used to frequent Portsdown and Wessex because we could bring the little furball there. And new to the dog-friendly Portsdown area is Revolution Coffee. And they welcome dogs too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baker & Cook

We first saw Baker & Cook after our brunch at Bronte. It was really new back then so it was not that crowded.  But it was a pretty bakery with the bread aroma serenading the entire place. We knew we would come back some day.


For a rather small shop space, they have quite a number of seating available. Several long marble tables to accommodate huge crowds.



Everybody wants a piece of Baker & Cook's bread

Many many types of breads that I have no clue about. But i do know they smell really good.

Huge array of tarts 

And pastries 


Iced Latte

The iced latte was a tad too strong for K.

Iced Mochaccino

I loved this drink. Sweet chocolate flavour with a lingering coffee aftertaste. Exactly what i was looking for. A great start to brunch!

Salmon Tartine - $13
Salmon with cream cheese, spring onion and fresh dill

If any food has the power to describe the phrase " looks can be deceiving ",  this is it. Simple looking with just a huge piece of salmon lying on top of a slice of bread, this was certainly deceiving as it packs some power punch flavours. The saltiness of the fresh salmon combined with the buttery taste of the cream cheese is quite a taste to behold. Also, there is a slight tinge of sourness that made it refreshing and all the more, delicious.

Eggs Benedict ( Salmon) - $19
2 poached eggs on toasted Baker & Cook bread, topped with hollandaise sauce


I think eggs benedict needs no introduction. But see the chilli oil by the side? Thats the surprise of this eggs ben. I like the intriguing taste of the hollandaise with a slight hint of spice. The black sauce which tasted like balsamic vinegar added more flavour to the dish. In addition, the poached eggs were perfect. Definitely worth a try.


Lemon Tart - $5

One of the best lemon tarts I've had. Sweet yet not over-powering. Refreshing and not overly sour. And the crust was great. Everything about it was pretty perfect.

Bombolini donut(custard) - $3.30

An ordinary donut that was a bit disappointing in the company of other brillant desserts. But we certainly liked the look of all of them sitting in a tray of sugar haha

Classic cheesecake - $4.50

I'm really liking the Hillcrest area. So calm and serene. Perfect place for a quiet weekend brunch. Service is great, efficient and there is no service charge. Baker & Cook is highly recommended. Try it and let us know what you think! 

77 Hillcrest Road
Sunday to Thursday - 7am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday - 7am to 10pm

Love, X

X's rating of B & C: 8.5/10

Monday, March 26, 2012

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier(Portsdown)

This is our third visit to Laurent Bernard at Portsdown!
This time round, we were there for an invited food tasting!
We had the privilege and opportunity to learn more about chocolates and taste Laurent Bernard's awesome Easter menu [:

Alfresco area that we adore



Informative session on chocolates!
We learnt so much!
Chef Laurent explaining to us how good chocolates should look and taste like.
He told us that the coating of chocolates should be thin and the ganache should be creamy, smooth and soft.

He also explained to us the composition of sugar, cocoa beans, and cocoa butter that should be present in good chocolate

Chocolate hens, for Easter! They have chocolate eggs, and chocolate shells too.
All ready for Easter!

Looks really good right!
The chocolate at Laurent Bernard are all freshly made on their premises!

The food bloggers that were invited!


Seared scallops with cocoa nips, and fennel foam
We loved this! The scallops were fresh and they tasted really good with the chocolate sauce! The cocoa nips provided a crunchy edge to the soft scallops. Chocolate-infused sweetness.
The bacon piece on the scallop gave a savory tinge to this dish.
Oh so good, oh so good.

Grilled rib-eye steak with cocoa orange sauce
The rib-eye was quite huge!
The cocoa orange sauce was unique. The sweet orange flavour was a twist to the slightly bitter chocolate. Really interesting.
I like the mashed potato haha

Peruvian Chicken
The chicken was extremely tender and the slightly spicy chocolate sauce was gooooood.

Chocolate Banana cake
Although the entree and the main course were impressive, my favourite has gotta be the chocolate banana cake.  It is made up of meringue sponge, cripsy hazelnut, caramelized bananas with passionfruit juice, a little bit of ginger and creamy ganache.
There are so many different layers of different textures. The smooth layers that melt in your mouth were a delightful contrast to the crunchy layers.
So much effort and so many ingredients packed into this awesome cake
I loved every bit of it (:



Chocolate shooter that Chef Laurent bought from overseas!
It's super cool.
First, you put the cocoa powder on the plastic thingy



Next, when he says "go", breathe in deeply
He'll press down the shooter simultaneously so that you'll breathe in the powder!
You'll be able to "taste" the powder through your nose! Haha super cool right!
X tried it but I didn't dare to haha

It was a really pleasant evening at Laurent Bernard as everyone was so friendly and warm. Morgane is super entertaining, she's really cute and funny haha. We'll like to thank everyone at Laurent Bernard for such a wonderful evening, for the splendid food and the hospitality they extended to us. They really made us feel comfortable and at home (:

You have to try their Easter menu! Especially the chocolate banana cake!! You'll love it too! (:

5B Portsdown Road
Tuesday-Thursday : 10am -10pm
Friday: 10 am - midnight
Saturday : 9am - mightnight
Sunday: 9am-10pm

Love, K

Monday, March 19, 2012


Greenwood has gained much popularity over the years as they're house to some really popular restaurants such at Greenwood Fish Market and Peperoni. Hence, parking can be a little bit of a problem as the lots right by Greenwood are always taken. If that's the case, you can park just round the corner near the park.

We decided to head to Greenwood for Brunch one Sunday afternoon and was choosing between Baker and Cook and Bronte. We decided on Bronte and we were certainly glad we did!


Cement floor and white walls.


We sat outdoors as we brought the little furball with us

The happy furball!They provided a water bowl for Waffles!

Bronte has quite an extensive brunch menu, offering a wide range of really tempting items. I took a really long time to choose.. Haha I couldn't decide if I want the pancakes, or the prime beef burger, or the dish similar to Eggs Benedict. Took me at least 10 minutes hahaha.
Hot chocolate - $4.50
My hot chocolate was pretty average. No marshmallows? ):

Iced Mocha
X said that it was quite good!

Poached eggs and hollandaise on rye toast (with smoked salmon) -$17
The poached eggs were so perfectly cooked. When I pressed the knife right into the yolk, it burst and the yolk starting flowing out so smoothly. Oh perfect poached eggs are to die for. The rye toast was a little hard though. The hollandaise was buttery and tasty but I felt that there was too little hollandaise sauce. But overall, I thought this dish was pretty good!

Bronte Brekkie Plate: Eggs (poached), bacon, pork sausage, garlic portobello, potato hash, home-baked beans and rye toast - $22
The portion was huge! The home made baked beans in tomato puree was delicious! X liked the bacon particularly haha. the poached eggs came without hollandaise sauce and hence, were plain and X said that he should have ordered scrambled eggs instead. Perhaps they could add some hollandaise on the poached eggs!

Waffles' new friend. A Spitz!


Marbled chocolate tart with bananas and mascarpone $12
This was soooo good. The staff replaced the mascarpone with cream as they were out of it. The chocolate was smooth and it melted in our mouths! Together with the cookie base, this dessert really won our hearts. We found it a little too sweet as we were halfway through the tart but thats when the cream worked its magic. The cold cream managed to even the sweetness out and provided a tint of freshness. You've to order this if you're at Bronte! X was a little skeptical about ordering this at first but he couldn't stop praising it after he cleaned the plate up. Hahaha

Anyway, we really liked the atmosphere at Bronte. Firstly, the staff are really friendly. Secondly, it's super super chill. It started to rain quite heavily and we were unable to leave. So we spent a really long time at Bronte but we felt so comfortable and relaxed. It was a perfect afternoon spent just chatting, watching the rain, having the cutest pup with us and just relaxing. We loved it.

8 Greenwood Avenue
Daily : 9am for coffee and pastries.
Lunch: 11:30am to 2:30pm Weekdays
Dinner: 6pm to 10:30pm Daily
Brunch 9:30am to 2:30pm Weekends and Public Holidays

Love. K

K's rating of Bronte : 7.5/10