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Monday, January 25, 2021

Chef Kang's Private Kitchen - Super Hard to Book Michelin-Starred Chinese Restaurant

Chef Kang's Private Kitchen is one of the hardest-to-book Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore. The small one-Michelin-starred outfit along Mackenzie Road has just 5 tables, and they have a whole line of loyal fans who return regularly, so it's not easy to get a seat here. I made a reservation about 6 weeks in advance, and my foodie friends were surprised that I managed to score a table! Truth be told, so was I. I was coming here with my dad and brother and was told over the phone that a minimum of 5 pax is needed for them to give us one of the dining rooms, so we were allocated a table next to the counter. That was a little disappointing but I guess, we were coming for the food more than anything else, so I agreed to it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Artichoke - The Least Authentic Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore Serves Really Good Food

 photo Artichoke singapore middle eastern dinner.jpg

I first visited the funky Artichoke back in 2010, the year that they made Sculpture Square their home. I fell in love with their meat candy, which I made multiple return trips for. Fast forward a couple of years, I still visit every now and then for brunch. Strangely, I've never been here for dinner. And I never knew how much I was missing out on until my recent dinner here, which was kind of mind-blowing to be honest. I guess there's a reason why this 9-year-old outfit by Chef Bjorn Shen is #stillnotdead.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

NOX - Dine in the Dark - Unique Dining Experience in Singapore

photo NOX - Dine in the Dark 1.jpg
If you're a big foodie, you would have at least heard of five-year-old NOX - Dine in the Dark which sits on Beach Road. The restaurant has revolutionize the dining scene, and dining experiences for guests. If you've never been here before, I'll strongly recommend that you make a booking today. Not only does NOX - Dine in the Dark send out delicious cocktails, and interesting dishes that will have you racking your brains over, the popular restaurant employs the visually impaired as servers. Where else can you have great food, and show your support for the visually impaired?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

(CLOSED) Folklore - Celebrate Christmas with a Splendid Eurasian Feast

 photo Folklore Destination Hotel Christmas 5.jpg
5-month-old Folklore is helmed by Chef Damian D'Silva, a known and respected figure in the local dining scene. Chef Damian has been whipping up heritage Eurasian and Peranakan fare for years, and loyal fans of Chef Damian can now get a taste of his food at Destination Hotel along Beach Road. Christmas is fast approaching and a Christmas menu that features 8 classic Eurasian dishes is in place to welcome families and friends.

One of the stars is Feng ($30), a traditional European curry dish which was a creation born during the sea expedition days by the Portuguese. Originally known as Sarpotel in Goa, Feng comprises an assortment of pig's offal that's cleaned and diced to 0.7cm cubes. The meat is mixed with Feng curry powder that is made up of 18 different spices that are handpicked, cleaned and sun dried before finely ground using a mill. Tons of other spices and ingredients are added in and the total cooking process can take up to 3 days. You can't quite find Feng anywhere else, and you can't miss this if you're visiting Folklore.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

(CLOSED)Plaza Brasserie - Surf 'N' Turf (An Oriental Original)

 photo Surf n Turf Plaza Brasserie Parkroyal 1.jpg
The name of the buffet should have given you an idea on what Plaza Brasserie has to offer in their latest buffet spread. Experience the best of both land and sea right here at PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vatos Urban Tacos @ South Beach Quarter

 photo vatos urban tacos south beach 4.jpg
The Ko-Mex chain has drawn alot of attention ever since it set foot on Beach Road. The place is dimly lit and seems to be a popular after-work hangout with the executives. Opened by three Korean Americans who grew up on authentic Mexican food and traditional Korean food, you can expect a clever fusion of the best of both Mexican and Korean cuisine here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

(CLOSED)Aryaa @ Beach Road

 photo aryaa greek 6.jpg
My first encounter with Greek food was a memorable one. I had no idea what to expect. I know they use alot of herbs and cheeses in their cuisine but that's about all there is to my knowledge of this unique cuisine. I popped by Aryaa on Beach Road for lunch and was shown an extensive menu inspired by the culinary adventures of Alexander the Great who travelled across the Mediterranean to India.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bridge @ Seah Street

 photo thumb_P1091182_1024.jpg
More dining establishments are moving towards a healthier approach on the execution of their food and Bridge is one of them. Bridge aims to offer wholesome but hearty and satisfying food. The Pumkinoa ($16) is a colourful combination of organic quinoa, carrot vinaigrette, roasted rosemary pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and feta cheese. It is pleasing to the eyes and a nutritious option. I really liked the roasted pumpkin!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas 2015 @ InterContinental Singapore

 photo thumb_P9309536_1024.jpg
Nobody does a party better than InterContinental Singapore. I was dazzled by the huge ballroom cast in purple glow and dressed up like a winter wonderland. Stepping into the ballroom felt like I was stepping into some sort of fairytale.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

(CLOSED) 20F Specialty Coffeehouse @ Foch Road

 photo PB130509.jpg
This is possibly the most ordered dish and the star at 20F. I had my reservations about this dish because I've seen some not so good reviews online. However, I still wanted to try it so badly. I mean, its duck confit and waffles! Two of my favourite things! How could I give that a miss?

The Duck & Waffle ($22) is available daily from 11am-5pm and it exceeded expectations. The waffles had a light crisp, are a little cakey and went really well with the sweet sauce. I felt that the duck leg could have been a tad more tender but the entire combination was a rocking one. The unique addition of a scoop of mixed berries sorbet gave a stark contrast in temperature and a bright tangy touch to the whole symphony. I really enjoyed it. The clever sprinkling of chopped pistachios elevated the visual appeal and I adored the nutty hints.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

(CLOSED) Karafuru Desserts @ Jalan Klapa

 photo P8237814.jpg
I visited Karafuru Desserts in August but haven't gotten down to writing a post about it. We went there with high hopes, after seeing so many pictures of the pretty eclairs and the bright and white space.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Clinton Street Baking Company @ Purvis Street

 photo P9199145.jpg
Just look at that stack of fluffy goodness. The Banana Walnut Pancakes ($18) at Clinton Street Baking Company were moist and each piece had a thin base of mashed bananas that kept the entire combination tantalizing throughout. It doesn't get boring, especially with their signature maple butter and I found myself going back to this repeatedly even when there were other dishes on the table. This is seriously my favourite pancakes in Singapore now!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street

 photo P8137571.jpg
Established in late 2014, Joo Bar sits pretty on the quieter end of Bugis but it has rocked the local bar scene with its Korean dishes and home-brewed Makgeolli. I popped by once on a Saturday night and the place was completely packed so I sat at the bar and fell in love with their passionfruit makgeolli at first taste. Their hand-cut chips were immensely delightful too and I was stoked to be back here for their dinner menu!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

AEIOU @ King George's Avenue

 photo P7196848.jpg
It isn't difficult to locate AEIOU but the absence of a signboard means that you need to know exactly how the place looks. The tell-tale signs are vintage chairs and metal grills on the outside of the cafe and you just can't miss those eye-catching words "Oriental Antique House"

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Bravery @ 66 Horne Road

 photo P5184720.jpg
Its been a long long time since I last paid a visit to The Bravery but we decided to head there for brunch one Monday morning! I've always remembered the pancakes to be yummy so I recommended that to my partner-in-crime for the day while I grabbed a burger. Burger at 10am? Yupp, that's how I roll.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Miam Miam @ Bugis

Media Invite

 photo PC290818.jpg
With two outlets in Singapore and breaking into other countries step by step, Miam Miam has brought to Singapore delicious fare made from scratch using top-grade ingredients. Dishes are not only affordable and innovative, but bound to leave an impression and have you craving for more

Featured here is one of the most popular items at Miam Miam, the Miam Miam Spaghetti. A large plate of generous ingredients atop a bed of spaghetti that has the most interesting texture that I've ever encountered. Honestly quite mindblown by the mouthfeel of the spaghetti!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pie Face @ Bugis

Media Invite

 photo PC029781.jpg
Popular Australian chain, Pie Face, has arrived on the shores of our sunny little island! Pie Face is a big name that most people who have been to Aussie would have heard of. More than 10 years since its opening, Pie Face has established itself as the largest pie chain in the world and currently has 80 outlets globally!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jing Hua Restaurant

Media Invite

 photo JingHuaPanFriedMixedSeafoodampPorkDumplings.jpg
Jing Hua Restaurant celebrates a good 25 years of serving up Jing Hua cuisine on our sunny island. The brainchild of two native Singaporeans, Jing Hua has proven that honest goodness can survive the arduous test of time. For a restaurant that has been around for 25 years, you would think that they would have modified the menu a couple of times but truth be told, the menu has stayed completely the same even after a quarter of a century. Now, aren't you interested to find out more about this longstanding success?

Sunday, November 2, 2014


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 photo PA219198.jpg
30licious is back again! Still jointly presented by Amercian Express and HungryGoWhere, 30licious is bigger and better with new participating restaurants! Over the course of 30 days, from 3rd November to 2nd December, American Express card members can enjoy specially tailored 30licious menus at more than 30 restaurants across our sunny little island at just $30++