Thursday, April 19, 2012

Venezia (Guthrie House)

Venezia is not somewhere we would blog about unless its exceptional or, an utter disappointment. So guess which way are we heading?

I sent Waffles for grooming at Royalville and it was raining so X, XM and I decided to head to Guthrie for some waffles and icecream loving at Venezia.


So here we were, at the counter trying out different flavours and the only staff at work was busy doing her own things and not really attending to us. Is it not courtesy to serve your customers first before returning to any tasks of any sort? She handed us a sample, returned to whatever she was doing, and upon us saying "excuse me", did she return to attend to us. This happened a few times. And she never smiled and never made us feel welcomed.

We did not have to wait very long before the Waffles arrived.
They look pretty different from how I remembered them to be.
Waffle with belgian chocolate icecream

Waffle with bananas, salty caramel and cookies and cream.
Reminds me of why people say looks can be deceiving.

We were given the wrong icecream and hence, X returned to the counter to inform the staff about it. The staff adamantly said and re-emphasized that we ordered cookies and cream. After a while of that little drama, she finally asked if we wanted to change it and yes we did. So, she scooped away the icecream from the waffle, threw it away, and replaced it with a scoop of crunchy nut. We're not being cheapo here but don't they usually just leave the icecream on your plate if they gave you the wrong flavour? But yeah okay.

Next, onto the waffles. The waffles were served at room temperature. Not even warmed up at all. And they were soft and hollow. What happened to the crispy and fluffy waffles they used to have?

Well, at least not everything sucked. XM and X liked the belgian chocolate icecream and I liked my salty caramel.

But we were extremely disappointed with their waffles, and not to mention, the service.

Gonna tell my mum never to patronise this outlet anymore.

1 Fifth Ave
Guthrie House

Love, K

K's rating of Venezia(Guthrie) : 3/10

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