Monday, September 3, 2012

(Closed) Le Saint-Ex @ Itaewon (Seoul)

X took me to Le Saint-Ex in Itaewon for dinner one night. Apparently the restaurant is very popular and famous. It is located near the subway station and also, just a really short walk away from The Flying Pan Blue. I didn't know we were going there or what cuisine we were gonna have. X just kept asking me to guess which restaurant we were going to. Haha and tadah, we finally arrived at our destination.

The menu that changes everyday. The waiter patiently and slowly explained every dish to us despite him having some difficulty conversing in English.

The everyday menu was really limited.

Fresh baguette, which was really fragrant, coupled with light salted butter.
They kept refilling the basket with baguette haha


White wine.

Tenderloin Tartare Steak, with fries - 30,000 won

The fries were crispy but a little bland. The blandness complemented the saltiness and flavour of the cold steak. Interesting but I got quite sick of it towards the end.

Seabass with arugula juice and onion pie - 30,000 won
The seabass was fresh, soft and its skin was crispy. It was quite a delight. The arugula juice didn't quite suit our tastebuds though.

Overall, it was quite a decent meal despite the really limited selection on their menu. Service was good and efficient. The restaurant was not very well airconditioned though. We spent about close to 90,000 won here which is about $100 sgd.

119-28 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Directions: From Itaewon subway exit 2, walk about 10 steps forward and turn left. Walk up the gentle slope, turn left and continue forward. Le Saint-Ex will be on your left!

Love, K

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