Friday, March 8, 2013

(CLOSED) One Kampong Bahru

Bakery by day, bar and bistro by night.

One Kampong Bahru has been making waves with its delicious and highly affordable baked goods, and now, its tapas are in the limelight.
Relatively new to the food scene, the 3-month old bar and bistro has been fully packed and reserved for private events since its opening.

The two-level bistro is not that easy to locate, especially since 3 of the boys(including X haha) were lost when driving there. They specifically requested that I include this in this post so that nobody gets lost like them hahaha. Do check the directions on your computers before you make your way to One Kampong Bahru because the maps on your phones will lead you to a dead end on Spooner Road!

Parking is available right beside the bistro, and around it. It is also easily accessible by public transport, with a bus stop just about 50 metres away. 





Level 2 which was closed for a private event.
Isn't this space perfect for a nice and cozy gathering?

While waiting for the lost kids to arrive, I had a cuppycake
Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake - $3
Delicious? Yes.

Mini Cranberry Cream Scones - $2.50
I was a little surprised that the scones do not come with any cream but well, after eating it, I realised that there isn't a need for cream. The scones were nicely moist, fluffy and soft!

OKB's wine selection will leave you slightly irritated because you just can't decide which wine to have! Their selection is pretty huge and what's most irritating is the price of each glass of wine. At $7 or $8 per glass, you just want to have a glass of every single wine available! Well, we say... don't drive there, and just drink to your heart's content!

Baronnie De Coussergues - $7

Mohua Estate - $8

Domaine Coussergues Chardonnay - $8

The co-owner of OKB, Kenneth, taught us the correct steps to really taste and appreciate the wine and we were all looking at him in amazement and admiration only to not follow any of the steps that he taught us hahaha

Asian-fusion tapas that are created by OKB's Peranakan chef!
Seared Scallops - $10
U.S Sea Scallops, Buak Keluak Oil

Fresh, juicy scallops which were slightly sour

Hot Wings - $8
Midjoints, Belachan Butter Marinade

Crispy and fragrant wings!

Pork - $16
Baby Back Ribs, Mustard sauce, Ginger Mustard Greens

The ribs are to be eaten together with the strongly flavoured greens. The ribs are a little dry but the moist greens will make up for that.

Fish - $14
Turmeric and Dill Catfish, Vietnamese Pesto, Rice Vermicelli

The catfish was fresh and soft and I liked it! The rest of the dish was pretty simple and average.

Chicken - $14
Seared Breast, Laksa Leaf Beurre Blanc, Starfruit Pickle

We all know that chicken breast meat is hard and dry, but certainly not the one at OKB. The two big pieces of chicken are really tender and juicy! This dish is also refreshingly sour and its the first chicken-based dish that I've liked in a long time!

Beef - $18
U.S Angus Roast, Gula Melaka Glaze, Herb Garnish

This was definitely the highlight for everyone. The tough chuck cuts are soaked in a water-bath for 25 hours before they are cooked. And the end result? Unbelievably tender and succulent beef.

The gula melaka glaze was sweet and tasty and it won my heart instantly. And for one of our friends who doesn't like beef to actually like it, can you imagine how good it was? Divine.

Passionfruit Macarons - $2/piece

Fat and full macarons with tangy passionfruit curd!

Salted Caramel Macarons - $2/piece

Want a taste of heaven? Try these.
Every bite screams immense gratification! Too good.

Lemon Cream Tart - $3.50

A thick and hard crust filled with lemon cream that has gotten the delicate balance of sweet and sour right. Possibly the best lemon tart I've ever had! So good that X and I each bought another haha

74% Dark Chocolate Brownie - $2.50

A rich and heavy brownie with a thin crispy top layer. Its texture is quite different from the average floury brownies. Yum.

Red Velvet, Chocolate Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate - $3 each

The red velvet was our favourite of the lot!

Salted Caramel Macarons, again 
Because they were so good, we bought ALL of them HAHA

Cinnamon Sticky Roll - $2

Forget the sticky bun at B Bakery or Simply Bread. Here's the best cinnamon sticky roll ever! It is amazingly soft and its cinnamon sugar coat does not harden! And it is only $2?!

Photobucket Mini Cranberry Scones
Raspberry Jam Scone - $2

The prices of the baked goodies are really crazy affordable, don't you think! And they're so delicious!

Do make a reservation at OKB before you head down because they're almost always fully booked!

OKB is currently understaffed so service isn't exactly up to mark but I'm sure they're working on it.

Do let us know what you think of OKB!

1 Kampong Bahru Road
Mon - Sat: 18:00 - 23:30

Love, K
K's rating of OKB : 8/10


  1. is this an invited tasting?

  2. thanks for showing the interior, wanting to visit it for so long and still couldn't make it, now these pictures will get me there tomorrow off day, cheerios! - adel


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