Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh My Tian @ Whampoa West

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Oh My Tian is the work of the people who brought you the highly popular Hatter Street at Hougang. So if you're thinking that this plate of waffles looks incredibly familiar, it is because you probably have seen or tasted it before. We ordered a Whoaffles with Vanilla Icecream and Salted Caramel Sauce ($9.50) to share and it did not disappoint with that crisp exterior and dense insides. It is definitely one of the better waffles that I've had in Singapore. My only gripe was that a part of the waffles was slightly bitter and it might have been a tad burnt.

Similar to Hatter Street, there is an element of fantasy present in the dress-up of Oh My Tian. There is a beautiful carousel (which I didn't manage to get a picture of as it was occupied), an icecream cart, a huge vintage mirror and more. Even their namecards come in adorable carnival tickets!

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Donut Burger - $13
I wasn't that keen on this as we just had a really heavy lunch but this was recommended by the staff so we gave it a shot! And boy, am I glad we did. The pillowy donut was soft and it wasn't too sweet. Sandwiched between the burgers are caramelized onions, cheese, a beef patty and a piece of hash brown. I must say that I was taken aback by how tender and delicious the beef patty was! This was  surprisingly delicious and I'll say its the best of the three items that we ordered.

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Carrot Cake - $6.80
While the cake was soft, it reeked too heavily of cinnamon. I also felt that there weren't enough nuts embedded in the sponge layers and the cream cheese seemed to be largely absent.

Their famous pandan icecream doesn't seem to be available here though! We received a scoop of Milo icecream and Coffee icecream on the house and I thought that the flavours were pretty robust but the texture could be improved.

The menu changes every now and then so patrons can always look forward to new and exciting dishes or bakes!

34 Whampoa West
Singapore 330034
Tuesday - Sunday : 12pm - 10pm


Love, K 

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