Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vatos Urban Tacos @ South Beach Quarter

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The Ko-Mex chain has drawn alot of attention ever since it set foot on Beach Road. The place is dimly lit and seems to be a popular after-work hangout with the executives. Opened by three Korean Americans who grew up on authentic Mexican food and traditional Korean food, you can expect a clever fusion of the best of both Mexican and Korean cuisine here.

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I popped by for dinner on a Wednesday evening around seven and the place was already full. Thankfully, we got a table soon enough. Every table is served these chips once they are seated. The first serving is on the house.

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Grow A Pear - $29 / Daehan Mango - $28
The drinks are huge and I'll recommend that you share it with someone BUT I finished mine all on my own because it was so so refreshing and yummy! I had the Passionfruit Margarita with Somersby Pear (Grow A Pear) which was an insanely brilliant concoction! So good I might head back just for this. It's a little pricey though.

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Korean Pork Belly Tacos - $10 / 2 pieces
The pork belly is marinated with a Korean chilli paste and topped with ssamjung aioli and spring onion. They come wrapped in a paper-thin homemade tortilla which had a rubbery texture that I found quite strange.

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Kimchi Carnitas Fries - $16
This has gotta be the best thing here. It was sour, it was spicy, it was tasty, it was absolutely delicious. Think braised pork carnitas, sautéed kimchi, melted cheese, sour cream, Vatos hot sauce, cilantro and onion all on a bed of well seasoned fries. If you've never experienced a party in your mouth, you've gotta try this excellent creation.

We also had the Carne Asada Quesadilla which was a tad disappointing as the beef was rather dry. It's definitely decent but the beef could have been better.

If you're going to Vatos, you must get the Kimchi Fries! Do share with me your take on the other items so I know what to get the next time I'm there!

Also, we received two complimentary shooters each. What a sweet gesture and they were so yummy! Thank you Vatos!

South Beach Quarter
36 Beach Road
Singapore 189677
Sunday - Thursday : 12pm - 11pm
Friday - Saturday : 12pm - 12am


Love, K

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