Monday, June 12, 2017

麻布十番松栄寿司 Azabujuban Matsueizushi - New & Fantastic Sushi Omakase in Azabujuban (Tokyo)

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I just came back from a month in Japan and one of the best meals that I've had in Tokyo was at this relatively new sushi restaurant in Azabujuban. In total, I spent 25 days in Tokyo in 2 trips, and I had tons of good food, so you can have a rough idea of the standard that you can expect here. The restaurant is located on the third level so you gotta keep your eyes peeled for the signboard as you walk along the streets. The 23-seater sports a contemporary look, ruled by darker colours.

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Service was impeccable. Even though Chef Eiji can't speak English, he tried his very best to communicate with me and we just kept laughing as we struggled to figure out what each other was saying. Luckily, he had a young staff who was able to translate most of our conversation.

The moment I sat down, I was asked if I wanted sushi. And I gave a resounding yes, probably way too excitedly, but I love sushi. It was around 10pm at night and I honestly didn't think I was gonna get any sushi but I was so thankful that I found Matsueizushi which opens until 2am!

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When I was on my 8th course, Chef Eiji asked me how many more I could eat. I said about 4 and these are the 12 dishes that he tailored for me. Every bite was a party in my mouth. The slices of seafood that drape over the blobs of well-seasoned rice were fresh and disarmingly delicious. I honestly could have eaten more if this was my only dinner for the night but I already had a light dinner before. Even the "mochi" dessert that rounded off the meal was delish. My dinner cost 5,400 yen so it's about $67.50. Pretty value-for-money in my opinion!

Thank you Chef Eiji and team for such a memorable dinner made up of interesting and funny conversations and, more importantly, splendid food executed to perfection. The seven-month-old restaurant is slated to open till 4am in the months to come so do stay tuned! If you're ever craving for awesome sushi in the middle of the night, you know where to go!

東京都 港区 麻布十番 2-5-3 グリーンヒル麻布十番 3F
Monday - Saturday : 5pm - 2am


Love, K

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