Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Akashi - Excellent Omakase at Orchard Parade Hotel

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One of my good friends visit Akashi on a really regular basis. I got a little curious and asked why he keeps going there. He told me that the omakase is consistently good. Sure, I've heard of Akashi and Akanoya but I've never dined at any of them because I've heard that a meal at either locations will strain my wallet. Well, but when his birthday came around and he wanted to have an omakase lunch here, how could I say no? It's a great chance for me to finally see how good Akashi really is too!

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First up, we were served an oyster that's the size of our palms. The oyster was utterly creamy, and possessed a lovely brininess and sweetness. It was so so good!

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We were served the fatty bellies of 2 fish, but I can't remember what fish they were oops. But the sashimi sure was fresh and firm.

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Lightly torched tuna with a thin slice of garlic. This was quite the umami bomb!

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Scallop with truffle, and scallop with uni. Each pop was a small taste of heaven!

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Whole abalone with a spoonful of rice and housemade sauce. The sauce might not look very appetizing but it was very tasty. Bite into the firm abalone that's armed with a slight chew and you can taste a little of the sea.

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Sushi time! Ishidai, Shima Aji, Kinmedia, Ma Aji. Sobs, the sushi was really delicious.

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The white sweet corn was probably my least favourite item of all, because it's difficult to eat. The pumpkin and baby ayu were pretty decent.

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What a beauty. It tasted really fine too.

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OTORO, MY FAVEEEE. Just look at that awesome marbling! Oh, you glorious little thing! I requested for a second piece when I was asked if I wanted anything else after lunch had concluded. And, to my utmost surprise, I wasn't billed for it! SO HAPPY TO HAVE HAD 2 OTORO.

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Flounder fin is apparently the star at Akashi. The first time I tried flounder fin, I didn't really like it because it was super oily. This combination, however, was a winning one. Uni, ikura and rice will never go wrong, that we all know. Topped with some truffle, and melt-in-your-mouth flounder fin, this creamy bowl of pure goodness stole my heart from the very first mouthful.

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The anago was very soft. I've never been a fan of eel but this anago, that has been given just a touch of glaze, was pretty wonderful. 

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Musk melon and seasonal peach to round off a fantastic meal!

I paid about $500(for 2 pax) for lunch on a Friday afternoon and I felt that I really got my money's worth. Now, I understand why my friend keeps coming back. I'll definitely be back for their omakase! Akashi definitely offers one of the best omakase in Orchard!

Thinking of going for an omakase? Check out Sushi Jin and Ryo Sushi.

Orchard Parade Hotel
1 Tanglin Road, #01-01A 
Singapore 247905
Daily : 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 10pm 


Love, K

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