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Seoul - Full of Good Food and Great Desserts

If you're looking for what to eat, where to eat, or must eats in seoul, our list of 20 things to eat in Seoul might help! Here's a list of food/eateries that we didn't blog about individually but you should definitely try them if you're going to Seoul! For the entire list of cafes and restaurants that we've visited and blogged about, please click here [:

1) Barbecue

Hongik Sutbul Galbi
The BEST barbecue we had in Korea! This is in Hongdae. The barbecue restaurant is owned by a butcher so you can be sure that the meat you get is fresh and succulent.

Daily : 4pm - 4am


Palsaik Samgyupsal 팔색삼겹살  (Sinchon)
Think seafood soup, fresh juicy meat and scallops for only 28,000 won. Its insane. We were so so so full. And everything was really delicious! This is the original branch.

2) Oppa Dak 
Garlic chicken that everyone could not get enough of. I'm not a fan of garlic but these were really good!!

3) Sweet Potato Latte
Thick, sweet, fragrant and I really liked it! X didn't like it though haha. You can have sweet potato latte in Singapore at Cups N Canvas!

6-23 Namsandong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Daily : 24 hours

4) Ramyeon
 Cold Noodles in a clear broth. Simple but a delight! This was in Hongdae! The noodles came with a side dish which is grilled pork and it only cost 5,500 won! Cold noodles are simple, yet very palatable!

5) Patbingsu / Bingsu
This is definitely the most popular item during summer. You can find patpingsu everywhere! Even in their coffee joints. Prices can go up to 15,000 won for a bowl of patpingsu. There's apparently a very famous place for patpingsu in Sinchon! I'm not a fan of red beans and fruits so I didn't really want to try it haha. It's like expensive ice kachang I guess?

6) Yoogane Dak Galbi
A famous franchise in Korea! Really delicious! Plus they have a side dish which is vegetables tossed in a special mayo that is super good haha the first vegetable I've eaten in years

7) Makgeoli
A sweet alcoholic drink that bears a slight resemblance to grape yakult!

8) Skewers
Every roadside pushcart or stall tends to sell skewers but the skewers from this stall is THE BEST. The first time I ate it was in Ewha and second time in Hongdae!

Really yummy!

9) Kimbab
I was lucky because the stall owner could speak a little English and tell me what the ingredients inside the Kimbab were. Usually kimbab contain veggie but the kimbab at this stall contained ham, cheese, tuna etc!! HAHA so happy to hear HAM

10) Tteokbokki
There are plenty of eateries that have this dish but I'd recommend Villa De Spicy in Gangnam!

541-10 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Daily : 11am - 10pm

Tteokbokki from the street stalls

11) Fried Chicken 
We had this at a restaurant in Hongdae!
Fried Chicken Set
I remember the waiters being extremely nice as they try to translate the menu for us!


Hong Cup

Fried chicken in honey mustard. I ate this numerous times.
A little expensive, 3,000 won, but really awesome!

Mapo-gu Seogyodong 365-16 (Hongdae)

12) Crazy Burger
There's a Crazy Burger stall 20 metres from our apartment! And I've eaten this at least 5 times! It's so good and it's so cheap! Only 1,500 won! I have eaten two at one go before haha. Miss it so much!

13) Waffles
Their waffles come with cream or icecream. The cream is special, sweet and smooth. Coupled with a piping hot and crispy waffle, this is a quick dessert fix that will leave you wanting for more! This can be purchased at just 1,000 won in Hongdae at a street stall! And it's readily available everywhere actually!

14) Steff Houlberg at Lotte World
If you're going to Lotte World, do try the hotdogs here! Pretty amazing!

15) Rice Bowls
We chanced upon a small eatery in Dongdaemun and had dinner there.
Fragrant rice with spicy seafood

As the description goes, its fragrant, and spicy haha and very filling too.

16) Orangeade/Lemonade
The must-have summer drink!

17) Stay with Kumpir
A small eatery selling baked potatoes with different dressings and sides in Hongdae! Yummy and very filling!

356-2 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

18) Lord Stow's Bakery
Famous eggtarts from Macau in Samcheongdong!

19) Be Sweet On
A cafe in Hongdae which is renowned for its unique desserts
This was heaven. Warm sweet caramelized apples with a scoop of good quality vanilla icecream, on a puffy flaky pastry with cold sweet custard... I could eat this everyday. I'll give anything to have this right now. Too good, too good.

27, Wausan-Ro 27-Gil, Mapo-Gu, Seoul 04054, South Korea

20) Cafe The Bridge 카페더브릿지
One of the most popular cafes in Hongdae!
The cafe is located on the second level and boasts private rooms and a couple of window seats!

347-17 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Korea was absolutely stunning and breathtaking.
The food there is incredible, and extremely affordable.
Wish we had another month there.
One month is just not enough.
There are just too many cafes and restaurants to explore and too many good things there.
Every corner we turned, we found something that attracted us.

We love Korea.
And we really miss the beautiful country and all the yummy food. Especially the barbecue...

Hope our lists and blog posts are of help to those who are visiting Seoul!


Love, K


  1. BBG with egg is unique. Must try when I visit Seoul.

    1. It is!
      Hope you're able to find the restaurant in Myeongdong! [:
      Have a great time in Seoul!
      Its very, very beautiful [:

  2. What a beautiful post, thank you so much for the hard work. Do you guys mind sharing where you put up at while in Seoul for a month? I imagine hotel accommodation would be exorbitant! :O


    1. Hi Laura, thanks for the compliment! [:
      We stayed in a walk-up studio apartment with a patio in Hongdae!

      It cost us about $1300 SGD for 1.5 months [:

  3. Hi! I click to find the entire list of cafes and restaurants that you had visited and blogged but it shows nothing. How can I get the list?

    1. Hello!

      Everything can be found here [:


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