Sunday, October 30, 2016

THE LIN Hotel @ Taichung (Taiwan)

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 9.jpg
THE LIN in Taichung is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious hotels that I've ever stayed in. Upon arriving at the 5-star hotel, I was greeted by the sight of eight Lamborghinis parked right in front of the hotel. I asked the doorman if there was a car show or something but he said the cars belonged to guests who were staying at the hotel. I should have known then, what I was getting myself into.

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung.jpg

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 11.jpg

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 2.jpg

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 5.jpg
Mirrors on the left, closet on the right.

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 6.jpg
The room is huge and posh and the bed is super comfy! When I first stepped into the room, the curtains drew themselves automatically. I was so impressed! The electronic curtains can be adjusted using some buttons by the bedside table.

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 3.jpg

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 7.jpg

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 8.jpg

 photo The Lin Hotel Tai Chung 4.jpg
The bathroom is just, wow. I had a really nice long soak in the bath tub!

The hotel is just a ten minutes drive from Fengjia Market and their buffet breakfast spread is the most luxurious I've ever seen. At 630am in the morning, you can have sushi, Japanese teapot soup, dimsum, salad, congee, eggs live station, noodles, French toast, waffles, pancakes, bread, a super wide variety of cakes and more. The selection is just crazy!

The next time I visit Taichung, I will definitely stay here again!

No. 99, Chaofu Road
Xitun District, Taichung City
Taiwan 407


Love, K

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