Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Casa Verde

Situated in the greenery of Botanics is Casa Verde(which means Green House in Italian). They're under the Les Amis Group which also owns Peperoni Pizzeria. This of course, made me think that the pizzas at Casa Verde will be as good as or even better than Peperoni Pizzeria's. Thus, I was keen to bring my family there for dinner(knowing how much they love pizza) and also because they allow dogs in their alfresco area. So we decided to have dinner there one Sunday evening. Casa Verde is located right at the visitor centre, which is nearer to the Nassim Gate entrance of Botanics. There is a sheltered parking area which is connected to a walkway which leads to Casa Verde.

It was raining really heavily as X and I were making our way there. It was pretty sad because that meant that we couldn't bring Waffles on a walk around Botanics.

So anyway, we reserved a table at Casa Verde beforehand as we were afraid of the Sunday dinner crowd. It wasn't as crowded as I had expected it to be when we arrived. It might be due to the rain. Their staff were really friendly towards Waffles. Waffles is extremely outgoing and he stands up to greet every human that passes by. Haha. The waiters did not shun him or look at him in disgust but they smiled and even asked about him. I like people who like my dog haha

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Okay, lets get to the food.

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Pizza Rustica - tomato salsa, streaky bacon, asparagus, sunny side up - $23

I thought this was pretty good! The crust was of the right thickness and the ingredients tasted really good together. But X felt that it was just alright. I like all pizzas with a sunny side up in the middle. Haha

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Sfilatino Casa Verde - mozzarella, ham and mushroom(spring roll style), served with tomato salsa dip- $24

This was their specialty.
However, we all thought that it was just average and there was nothing special about it. In fact, it was a little hard to eat as the crust was too hard. We were pretty disappointed as this was supposed to be their specialty.

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My mummy has a weird habit of ordering fries everywhere..
So here's a basket of fries.
They were really crispy!

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Calamari Fritti - served with arrabbiata sauce and tartar - $14
We liked the calamari! They went extremely well with the arrabbiata sauce(which actually tasted like the tomato salsa dip from the sfilatino )

Overall, we felt that the pizzas were pretty average. The best item was probably the calamari. Service crew members were attentive, friendly and efficient. They all wore smiles as they attend to us, whether it was the refilling of our glasses or the taking of our orders. We had quite an enjoyable time there.

Visitors Centre, Singapore Botanics Garden
Cluny Road


Love, K

K's rating of Casa Verde : 6.5/10


  1. hi, loveee your dog's outfit! which website did you get it from? mind sharing?

    1. Hey! I got it from http://loveien19.blogspot.com/2011/08/pre-order-pet-supplies.html



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