Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tastings Room

When we first saw pictures of TTR which were in black and white on Delished's website, we thought that the place was really pretty. We saw the brunch promotion that Delished was offering and we were deciding between The Merry Men and TTR, and I decided on TTR because the choices were more appealing.

Little did we know that we were in for an utter disappointment.

The design of the place was really ugly. The weird combination of decorations, red light, giant silver balls dangling in the air and visible vents running across the ceiling did not appeal to us. X is and has always been very particular about the design of places that we go to. Even if the food is known to be good but the place does not look nice to him, he will refuse to visit the place. We were deceived by the pictures we saw.

(Pardon us for the red tint in the photos, we were sitting directly under a red light.)
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However, I was still hopeful about the food even though I was disappointed with the place.
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Our iced cappuccino and iced latte.
The coffee was of lousy quality.
It was really bland.

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Mushroom soup with truffle foam. Not impressive at all.

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Eggs Royale -15.90
The eggs were slightly overcooked and I did not like the hollandaise. There was too much butter and it was not tasty enough. The salmon was okay.

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Eggs Benedict -15.90

The poached eggs were way overcooked. The best part about this was probably the bacon which was just average.

X also had the tomato soup which I couldn't get a proper photo of and didn't bother putting it up but well, he didn't like the tomato soup.

We were thankful that we visited TTR because there was a promotion and we paid about $32 for this meal. Had we have to pay $15.90 for each of those egg dishes, and probably around $25 for the coffee and the two bowls of soup, I might have strangled someone. It was an extremely disappointing experience and I will never return.

Marina Square #01-08
They have really odd opening hours so do check them out on their website or something if you're heading there


Love, K

K's rating of TTR : 2.5/10

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