Friday, December 16, 2011

Sum Kee Food

I've heard much about Sum Kee Food but I've never had the chance to try it til recently! Four of us headed down to Sum Kee which had just relocated from river valley to telok blangah. X and I had a little trouble locating the place but it is actually really accessible as it is right next to the main road.

We have with us guest food tasters C and H on this visit!

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Watercress soup which was yummy! I've never liked watercress soup as I feel that the taste of the veggie is always too overwhelming. It wasn't so for Sum Kee's! And I enjoyed it.

Ultra Man Chicken.
This was our favourite dish! C felt that it is an excellent dish to go with beer while the rest of us just liked it very much. My personal favourite of all the dishes! You'll like it too if you like salted egg yolk!


Sunny tofu which C read as skinny tofu haha.
Braised tofu topped with pork floss. We all agreed that the tofu was too bland

Curry fish head!
Sum Kee is well known for their curry fish head!
H said that the ladyfingers and eggplant were cooked to perfection and the curry was good as it wasn't too milky. X said that it was definitely one of the better curry fishheads he's ever tried. As for myself, I can't really take stuff that is too spicy but this was just right for me. It was spicy but not too spicy. Haha and so, I liked it!

Sweet and sour pork
The dish that can never go wrong.

Overall, X, H and I enjoyed our dinner at Sum Kee whereas C was pretty harsh on his comments on all the dishes. Well, he's harsh on almost everything in life hahaha. Oh yeah X and I ordered barley which was too diluted but the staff changed his drink for him when he brought it to their attention [:

Do check out Sum Kee for their famous curry fish head and ultraman chicken!

No 2 Telok Blangah Street 31 Yeo's Building
Mon - Sun:11:00-23:00

K's rating of Sum Kee : 7/10

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