Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7-inch Square Pizza

A little pizza stall recently opened within a small coffee shop in central Singapore. We all love coffee shops for 2 reasons, affordable prices or delicious food. And when we discover hidden finds like this that delivers on both levels, we are certainly delighted.

This stall is started by an enterprising young man and his friend who aspire to fulfill their dreams and build an empire starting from this very first step. Ju Seng Huat coffee shop at St george's road is where their dream is being incubated.

Coffee shop front. (The pizza stall is adjacent to the drinks stall)

(7’’)2 pizza

The stall got its name from their square pizza that is 7 inches by 7 inches unlike the conventional round pizza. Pardon the quality of the pictures as the lighting was bad but allow my review to do the pizza justice.

Three pizzas on our first order

Tom yam pizza $3.90

This is a definite must try! The home-made tom yum sauce hits all the right notes with the taste buds. It has your usual tom yum fragrance with a tinge of a sour aftertaste. Perfect as the appetizer. We loved it!

Mushroom pizza $3.90

Mushrooms and cheese and a crunchy pizza crust. Need I say more?

Pepper pork pizza $3.90

Freshly stir-fried pork is the main ingredient in this pizza. Cheese with fatty pork meat might seem like a weird combination but this pizza packs quite a surprise. You might just fall in love with it!

Pepperoni pizza $3.90

The all-time favourite, Pepperoni! Enough said. Superb with cheese and the thin crust. Another must try!

I feel that this little pizza stall has all the makings of a successful business. Tasty quality food at really affordable prices. For the taste and portion, $3.90 is DEFINITELY a steal! And with 10 different flavours to choose from, you're in for a treat.

So head on down soon, mention "Strictly Ours"and you might find more ingredients on your pizza! Enjoy!

(7’’)2 pizza
6 St' George's road
Tuesday-Sunday - 6pm to 11pm

X's rating of the food: 7.5/10


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