Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sugalight Factory

Invited Food Tasting

We were really honoured to receive an invitation from Sugalight Factory to try their awesome icecream! They're located along Joochiat place and Sugalight Factory isn't hard to locate at all. Parking is readily available by the roadside or in the public carpark just a road away.

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The really nice and friendly people behind Sugalight!

Sugalight's sugar-free ice creams are made on-site and were the result of intensive in-house research and development.
The conventional sugar is replaced by a natural premium sweetener called Xylitol.
Xylitol has zero net carbs, prevents tooth decay and is the healthier choice even as a sweetener for your regular coffee and tea. According to Sugalight's staff, customers who are slightly diabetic have tried their ice-cream and apparently, it does not cause their blood glucose level to spike after consumption. Definitely an option for people watching their sugar in-take. Guilt-free ice cream!

Sixteen different flavours for you to choose from! We asked the staff what are some of their favourite flavours and they are Cookie Monster(cookies and cream), Mint and Durian!

We tried many of their flavours and I really liked the durian one! Haha

Each scoop of icecream is only priced at $3! And $5 for double scoop!

Cute bear

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A variety of sugarless confectionery

My cappuccino icecream!
The icecream is smooth and yummy. It isn't too sweet and it's really ideal for people who think that most icecream out there are too sweet! My grandma is a little on the diabetic and high blood pressure side and she tries to refrain from too much sweet stuff. I brought home a tub of cappuccino icecream from Sugalight and she liked it! I've gotten her other premium ice-cream brands before but she always found them too sweet. This time, it suits her taste buds just fine.

Strawberry Bliss!
X liked his strawberry icecream! You would expect ice-cream without the usual sugar to be a little on the tasteless side but no. On the contrary, the ice-cream has a rich strawberry flavour minus the sweet aftertaste.

If you find Joo Chiat too far away for you, Sugalight offers free home delivery for orders above S$50 islandwide! They have been awarded the Health Promotion Board's Healthier Snack Symbol and they are currently in the process of obtaining the healthier choice logo for their ice-cream!
Do head on down to Sugalight for healthy guilt-free icecream!

Thanks for having us Elgin! (:

32 Joo Chiat Place
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sun : 12pm - 930pm
Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

Love, K

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