Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coca Restaurant (Taka)

Mothers' day dinner

My parents are not very adventurous people. So when it comes to food, they often prefer traditional or at least chinese-esque cuisine. Steamboat is the perfect solution. A good hearty meal round a hot pot is exactly what my mum would like.

I like it that the chicken stock doesn't start out too salty. As the dinner progresses, the meat and vegetables introduced flavours that made the soup just about perfect.

I have to say the menu list is not very extensive but at least the items available are all fresh and tasty. Some of the favourites would be their special wanton, fish glue and sliced beef. For those who do not take beef, they have sliced pork which is just as tasty.


Meat-wise, I think Coca provides enough to satisfy your craving. But for a seafood lover like me, i feel they do not offer enough choices in this category. Crabs, prawn, fish, cockles are what you have to be contented with. I was expecting better prawns and crabs but only to be disappointed with crabs that weren't fleshy and prawns that are a tad too small for my liking. I think my demands are reasonable considering the price per pax for the steamboat buffet.  

We ate the pork sukiyaki style, dipping them in egg after lifting them out of the hot pot.
Despite the lack of seafood, I still had quite a hearty meal. No complains about the freshness of the food. Service was pretty efficient. They served the items quite quickly after receiving the order forms. I would say Mothers' day dinner was a success.

391 Orchard Road 
#04-22 Ngee Ann CitySingapore 238874 
11am to 10pm

Love, X

X's rating of Coca : 6.5/10


  1. How much was it per pax? I have always noticed this restaurant in Taka. But have never try it before

    1. Hello!
      We don't know the exact price but its more than $35!


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