Friday, July 13, 2012

Pierre Herme

Exactly a month ago, on 13th June, 

X told me that he had a craving for Lao Ban tauhuey and that we should go to Old Airport Road for dinner. I kept suggesting that we should go to Maxwell instead since it's alot nearer when he finally broke the news that he had a surprise for me! I was really excited. So my surprise was at Old Airport Road, I thought he was going to bring me to watch some netball game again hahaha. However, he drove me to a block of flats and I was told to wait in the car. A few minutes later, he returned with a paper bag and handed it to me. I opened it excitedly and to my utmost surprise,


I was so super happy and we said we should take a picture of every individual macaron!
However, we were gone too long for dinner and the macarons kind of melted and were destroyed ):

So we hurriedly put them in the freezer after dinner!

Took them out a good 20 minutes later

They weren't in great shape to be photographed individually ):

Pierre Herme macarons are known to be packed with surprises, unconventional and daring.

Here are the 12 flavours :

Fresh Mint
Chocolate and caramel
Olive oil with mandarin orange
Peach, Apricot and saffron
Milk chocolate and passion fruit
Rose and rose petal
Pure origin Venezuela Porcelana Dark chocolate
Salted-butter caramel
Creme Brulee
Pistachio, Ceylon cinnaom and Morello cherries
Vanillas from Tahiti, Mexico and Madagascar
Orange and carrot with Ceylon Cinnamon

The dark chocolate was my favourite, followed by chocolate and caramel and salted butter caramel. Guess I'm quite traditional... Hahaha. The more unique flavours were interesting and a few didn't quite suit my tastebuds. Others were really strong and left a lingering aftertaste. They were a delightful twist to the usual macarons found in Singapore. All in all, I enjoyed my macarons!

X surprised me with the macarons as it was the 13th, and it marked the 13th month that we've been together. Today, it's the 13th again. And X has been in Korea for 2.5 weeks now. Happy 14th month favourite boy. See you soon [:

I'll be flying to Korea tomorrow night to find him and we'll be back on 11th August! We'll be updating pretty regularly about the cute and popular cafes and attractions in Korea!

Also, I'll like to take this chance to thank all our readers. We've come a long way now. It's been a year since Strictly Ours had been set up. It started out as a diary for X and I but it evolved into a food blog that has brought us many opportunities and fueled our passion for food. Thanks for all the support [:

Love, K


  1. Ah... Now I know why he asked me to get it from London.. But he was just a day too late as I have already left London..,sweet boy he is!!

    1. You must be his teacher! (: Yeah he told me that he asked you if you could get the macarons for him.
      Haha yeah he's pretty sweet, sometimes haha


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