Sunday, July 29, 2012


We came across this while shopping and decided to have dinner here! I've heard about this place from a couple of friends and was quite excited! After a long day of shopping, I was really looking forward to a good meal



We ordered the one with seafood and chicken. After mixing this up and letting it cook for awhile, a plate of rice can be added in. So you get panfried rice with veggie, seafood and chicken.

One of the side dishes. The sauce was so nice! It was like sweet mayo with a tint of fruity flavour. I finished one bowl even though its vegetable. The sauce was too addictive! Korea has made me healthier definitely hahaha

This was prior to the addition of rice. No more pictures after this because we were too busy eating haha

It was a very filling and spicy dinner haha and it was good! The seafood was fresh and the rice was tasty. Although I almost died from the spiciness, I really enjoyed it!

Oh and they have outlets everywhere!

Love, K

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