Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fairmont Sea Salt Caramel Mooncake

As usual, we went to the Mooncake Fair this year. I tried all the mooncakes with sea salt caramel. And the best has got to be Fairmont's Sea Salt Caramel with dark chocolate mooncake!

The rest just didn't quite cut it.


Sorry for the missing mooncake, my uncle was too excited and ate it before I could take a picture. Hahaha. This year we had our fair share of mooncakes from Raffles Hotel, Shangri-la, Home's Favourite etc. But this mooncake was my favourite [: It might be too funky a flavour for some but for a sea salt caramel and chocolate lover, it's definitely awesome. Haha the sea salt caramel lies in a chocolate coated ball which sits in the middle of the mooncake. The smooth and buttery texture of the filling kind of melts in your mouth! Very unique indeed

I tried Four Seasons durian mooncakes for the first time this year, at the fair. The lady very excitedly introduced to me what was inside the mooncake. Pure durian puree with no sugar, additives etc. So I asked "is the durian the same as the one in the durian pancake? " And another staff answered "YES!" with such zest. And I was really dumbfounded. If its the same puree, and the puree is what makes the mooncake taste good, then one might as well eat the pancake which cost $1.80 each, than to buy a box of 4 mooncakes for $88. It doesn't quite make sense to me. But I can't deny that the durian is really good.

How was your mid-autumn festival this year? [:

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