Friday, November 2, 2012


Restaurant Week

The fourth place on our restaurant week list is Novus. I once saw the interior of the restaurant online and was captivated by its decor. So when the chance came to dine here, I jumped on it.

Colonial styled exterior



The restaurant isn't very huge, a long hallway divided into 2. One side for the bar and the other as dining area.  Its dim and warm lighting is befitting of a romantic dinner



All our dining experience has culminated into good appreciation of a good round of fragrant bread. This was ordinary. In my opinion, Forlino's and Clifford's was better. Also, the butter was rock hard and we had to wait for it to melt


Have you ever been in the situation where the restaurant staff tried to explain to you what you are having for dinner but they speak too fast and too much for you to catch a word? Then you just nod your head and pretend like you understood because you know its gonna be the same even if they repeated ? Thats me all the time. Novus went the extra mile to have them on little slips of paper where the information on the dish and the ingredients are stated clearly for you to appreciate at your own time. I kinda dig this idea.

French Onion soup
Made with beef stock, melted gruyere, baguette

Sweet caramelized onion soup. A great start to the meal

Tiger Prawn Salad
Market Lettuce with grilled tiger prawns, vine cherry tomatoes, red radish, balsamic vinaigrette

When i first saw this salad, I felt its gonna be too raw but in the end i was delighted by the impeccable blend of sauce and vege. Complemented by the freshness of the prawns. A palate whetting appetiser.

Duck confit
Crisp duck leg confit, braised mixed mushrooms, roasted potatoes

Duck confit seems to be the must have dish for restaurant week menu. According to K, who said that according to CNN, this is the best Duck confit in Singapore! K enjoyed this dish. A fan of duck and mushroom, this was perfect for her. The portion was big and the duck was crispy and tender.

Truffle & Cheese Risotto
Carnaroli risotto, seasonal mushrooms, mascarpone cheese, white truffle oil, chives

I went for the truffle and cheese risotto. A wise decision indeed. It was cooked brilliantly. A generous portion of cheese and wild mushrooms were given and the texture of the risotto was just right. Plus the fragrance of truffle, this makes a good hearty meal.

Valrhona Chocolate Test
Chocolate in 5 textures and 5 different percentages of cocoa mass

K loves chocolate, so this was a no brainer. This chocolate platter had 5 bite size dessert of varying cocoa concentration. Quite an interesting concept.

Aerated mousse : 33% cocoa

Chocolate souffle! 55% cocoa

Sorbet : 66%

Warm Custard : 72% cocoa.

Dehydrated chocolate : 85% cocoa.

Dehydrated chocolate that looked like something we wouldnt eat. haha. It tasted like a dry airy chocolate biscuit.

Jubilee Tart
Dark and sweet pitted cherry, puff pastry, served with vanilla icecream

Desserts is a very integral part of my dining experience, so when they fail to live up to the mark, its like a bad ending to an exciting novel. And sadly, this was the case for my dessert. The biscuit bottom was bland , the infused cherry sauce tasted like concentrate. The only saving grace was the ice cream but overall this dessert paled in comparison to what I had expected in mind.

Novus was one of the two restaurants that offered choices for all three courses and we were definitely pleased with that

Overall, we had a good dining experience at Novus. Service was efficient and the staff were attentive. If only my dessert was better.

Total cost: $129 +

National Museum
93 Stamford Rd  

Monday- Saturday : 10am-10pm
Sunday: 10am-6pm

Brunch available on Sat,Sun & PH
10am - 6pm

Love , X

X's rating of Novus: 7/10

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