Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Manhatten Pizza Co.

Invited Food Tasting 

Fancy a taste of the Empire State? Look no further than The Manhatten Pizza Co at Orchard Central! Located on B1, this eye-catching eatery is just steps away from the escalators.

It's kinda like a fast food concept so you order at the counter and you get your pizza!
If you order the 20-inch pizza, it will be delivered to your table!




Bjorn, the boss, welcomed us warmly and asked us what we will like to have but we told him to decide for us!

I was quite amazed at how Bjorn works in the kitchen and also serves the pizza to the customers with a huge smile on his face. He was super busy the whole night but whenever he could, he came to ask us for comments on the food. He's really nice and friendly!

NY wedges with curry sauce -$5
The curry sauce was not the least bit spicy but was sweet and tasty. It goes well with the mayonnaise. I probably was the only one who preferred this to the cheese wedges but I took a liking to the sweetness of the sauce!

NY wedges with cheese sauce -$5
The wedges were topped with a generous serving of smooth luscious cheese and mayonnaise. There's nothing not to like about this. Everyone was commenting on how amazing the cheese was. Fans of cheese and cheese fries, here's something you've to try! Also, don't you think that this box of wedges which costs only $5 is super value for money?

Original Buffalo Wings - $5.80
They were a little sweet and lack the spiciness of the usual buffalo wings but it suits me better since I can't really take chilli haha. But I guess Singaporeans being Singaporeans, would prefer a little spiciness to it

Our 20 inch pizza!!! - $42
(you can choose two flavours!)

Bjorn chose the two flavours for us! Roast Duck and Meat Lover. The two flavours that I secretly was hoping for HAHA. Guess he could read my mind somehow! Everyone was so excited about the pizza haha its ginormous!



Ooooohhh look at that

We were given these triangular cardboard "plates"

The Roast Duck pizza was created specially as a local flavour for Singaporeans! 
The slice of pizza was really huge and it was quite difficult eating it because the pizza was too heavy to be held up haha. Anyway, I really loved the roast duck pizza! It's awesome! The chunks of yummy duck meat together with the melted cheese and soft pizza crust... It just doesn't get any better than this! We were quite intrigued by how the crust, despite being thin could be soft on the inside and just a little crisp on the out. Haha. X felt that the pieces of duck meat were not as warm as the pizza and preferred the Meat Lover. But everyone else really liked the Roast Duck pizza!

Photobucket Meat Lover
The Meat Lover is topped with four different kinds of meat. It was definitely the pizza for me considering what a carnivore I am haha. Couldn't wait to chomp on it! Every mouthful was meat-full! Unfortunately, a few slices of pizza had their crust really burnt

The 7 of us were exceedingly full after the meal. Everyone was full of praise for the duck pizza and the cheese wedges! If the 20-inch pizza is too huge for you and your crew, you can check out their combos! With eight different combos available, there's bound to be one for you! Think a slice of pizza plus a soft drink for only $5.90. It's insane!!!

We suggest sitting further away from the kitchen because the smell from all the cooking and baking can get quite overwhelming.

A huge serving of delectable and mouthwatering pizza at an extremely pocket-friendly price, we're guessing that this place is gonna be very packed really soon! If you're in town and you're looking for a place for dinner, do visit The Manhatten Pizza Co!

We'll like to thank Bjorn for having us and for bringing a taste of New York to Singapore [:

Orchard Central,
181 Orchard Road, B1-01
Mon – Thur: 11am to 10pm
Fri, Sat, Sun: 11 am to 10.30 pm


Love, K


  1. Woah woah woah!

    Tried it after i read this blog... Its even better than described... This is what i call cheap and Great. Didnt see this owner guy you talking about.. is he handsome ;o... awesome and thx for de post!

  2. Yes it's cheap and great for sure! Haha Bjorn's caucasian and he looks very friendly, a little like santa claus! Haha you're welcome! We're glad that you love Manhatten Pizza Co as much as we do [:


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