Thursday, January 3, 2013

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit has been on my "Places To Go" list since forever. And the perfect day to visit this beautiful place was Christmas Eve! X made a reservation for brunch about 3 weeks in advance. HAHA very efficient.


Carpark right beside TWR


Simple, yet beautiful.

Although I didn't really like the tree in the middle of nowhere haha









Butter, with salt on it. So you can have unsalted, and salted butter.
How very thoughtful!

Fresh, warm and fragrant bread

With a cute little cookie

Usually, when we order affogato, the waiter/waitress leaves the small jug of expresso on the table for us to pour it ourselves. But at TWR, the waitress pours the expresso in for you!

An awesome scoop of smooth homemade vanilla icecream in Papa Palheta Coffee.
Ain't no better combination!

Iced Latte
As I've said before, Papa Palheta probably has the best coffee. The amount of sugar syrup that I added to the latte was like 1/8 of what I add usually. The sweetness of the coffee is really amazing. Still my favourite coffee!

The Festive Set Brunch Menu at TWR is really appealing! They offer 6 choices for starters, 6 for mains and 3 for desserts! Spoilt for choice? Definitely!

Starters :
-Wagyu Carpaccio
-Roqueford and Pear Salad
-Salad Nicoise
-Chestnut and Pumpkin Veloute
-Seared Bay Scallops
-Foie Gras Duet

Guess what we chose!

Foie Gras Duet 
salt-cured with apple flan, seared lobe with cherry compote

I LOVE FOIE GRAS. So this was an easy choice for me!

The seared foie gras was very lightly crisp and was very very fat. Hahaha it was delicious! I love how the fats melt in my mouth haha

This was smooth, tasty and was really good with the little apple pastry.

Loved this dish.

Seared Bay Scallops
Tomatoes, Mint, Fruity Olive Oil

X loves scallops, so this was an easy one too! Haha

The scallops were very fresh, and juicy! The way that it was prepared brought out the taste of the scallops. It was good that the taste of the scallops was not masked by sauces or stronger ingredients.

-Poached Snapper
-Alaskin King Crab Tagliatelle
-Turkey Breast Roulade
-Cher-grilled Mangalica Pork Collar
-Beef Cheek Bourguignon

Mangalica Pork Collar
Warm compressed apple, celery root puree, calvados cream

The pork collar was tender and extremely delectable. The apples were sweet and nicely done. The puree and cream were a wonderful combination and this dish really sings!

Alaskan King Crab, Pork Broth, Kombu

The pasta was well-cooked and the Alaskan King Crab was juicy and sweet even though it was rather small haha.

-24 Hour Poached Pear
-Chocolate Moelleux
-White Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Moelleux
molten centre, passionfruit icecream

The lava cake was hot, and its molten centre was a delight. White Rabbit's homemade passionfruit icecream and the lava cake makes a really impeccable team!

 24 Hour Poached Pear
Burnt Butter Cake, spiced crumble, vanilla icecream

The poached pear was very sweet and soft. The spiced crumble is not overwhelming and everything in this bowl just seems to complement each other really well!

It was a really wonderful experience dining at The White Rabbit! We were really happy with the choices on the menu. The staff were extremely efficient, clearing our plates almost immediately and being ever so attentive to any calls for water or to answer any of our queries. Their homemade icecream is also, really good! It was pretty much a perfect afternoon, except that it rained and I wasn't able to get pictures of the building.

And, the festive set brunch only cost $48++ per pax! Isn't it worth it! I know you think so too!

39C Harding Road
Tue - Thu: 12:00 - 14:30, 18:30 - 00:00
Fri: 12:00 - 14:30, 18:30 - 01:30
Sat: 10:30 - 02:30, 18:30 - 01:30
Sun: 10:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 00:00

Love, K

K's rating of TWR: 9/10


  1. Very good deal! My last trip to rabbit cost SGD200+ but was worth it. Is more romantic at night :)

    1. Yeah! It was a really good deal! I can imagine how pretty the place would be at night [: Look out for their festive menu this year! [:


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