Thursday, February 28, 2013


Invited Food Tasting

X and I were really honoured to be invited to the first ever Machicon event held in Singapore! Machicon is a large scale dating event where participants can meet new people, and possibly their future partners! It has been really popular in Japan since 2011. It has finally reached the shores of our little island and brought along with it much hype and anticipation!



It was drizzling when X and I got to Katanashi which is located at Boat Quay. Katanashi is the first stop for all participants of Machicon. There are 9 other participating Japanese restaurants within the vicinity where the participants of Machicon can choose to go to after Katanashi. Every restaurant features a different menu and free flow drinks



The original plan for the bloggers was changed and we were given these tickets and wrist tags and we went about as "participants"

A small platter for four to share

Tuna and avocado tartar
The pepper taste was overwhelming and the tuna was unfortunately, masked by it.

King of Cream Cheese

Tebasaki(Chicken wings)
The wings were crispy and tasty. Much effort must have been put into marinating it!

The mackerel was torched right in front of us and everyone was really impressed haha.

Soft and slightly crispy mackerel which was very savory and palatable! My favourite of the lot!

Kakuni (Japanese Braised Pork)
This seemed to be everyone's favourite dish! It wasn't difficult understanding why when every bite of the soft and juicy meat melted in our mouths. I probably was the only one who liked the mackerel more haha

Participants getting to know each other

We moved on to Orihara Shoten at Robertson Quay after hearing that the sake and shochu there is very good. It was quite a distance away so we took a cab!
A satisfying and comforting dish which features a clear and light soup and simple ingredients. Great for a cold night!

We were taught by our new found Japanese friends that we were supposed to eat these with our hands and to just put the whole thing into our mouths, including the head! Haha I was like eating it super slowly because I was afraid of the feelers and all piercing into my lips or tongue HAHA. There's a slight sweetness and saltiness when you bite into the middle of the prawns. A great dish to accompany your sake and shochu!

Inaniwa Udon
I liked the udon! The noodles were springy and smooth and even in all its simplicity, it was refreshing and yummy

Pieces of Filefish fried till crisp and hard and served with a dollop of Japanese mayo. Salty, sweet and a little sour. A great dish to have alongside your alcohol!

Our new found Japanese friends and Qingyang(act Japanese HAHA)

It was really fun getting to know them! They were really humorous and it was nice learning more about Japan and their experiences in Singapore!

Our third and last stop : En Grill & Bar

Calamansi Sour
This was basically, lime juice

California Maki

Avocado and soft shell crab roll

Photobucket Skewers
Bacon-wrapped enokitake, bacon wrapped oysters, meatballs etc

The food at En Grill & Bar was decent and the alfresco area was pretty chill.


Despite initial confusion, the night improved as it went along and we made new friends. Being a part of Machicon was definitely a unique experience and we are really thankful that we had this opportunity to taste authentic and traditional Japanese dishes!

We'll like to thank Jerome and the people behind Machicon for inviting us! [:

77 Boat Quay
Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 11:30

Orihara Shoten
11 Unity Street
#01-02 Robertson Walk
Mon - Wed: 19:00 - 00:00
Thu - Sat: 19:00 - 01:30
Closed on every Monday of the month

En Grill & Bar
207 River Valley Road
#01-59/60 UE Square
Daily: 19:00 - 03:00


Love, K

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