Wednesday, September 6, 2017

13 Things To Do in Beautiful London

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During our terribly short two-day stay in London, X and I managed to cover quite a few of the major attractions! Here's a brief list of what we did and where we went!

1) Westminster Abbey
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Admission ticket : £18

Do grab a free audio guide before you start to tour the place! The abbey is really beautiful and the long history will amaze you. You can also see the coronation throne here! Unfortunately, photography is not allowed

Do note that once you enter the souvenir shop at the exit of the abbey, you cannot return to the abbey

2) Big Ben
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Big Ben is on X's bucket list. He was so excited to see it and was so amazed that he insisted on visiting it again at night to see it in its fullest glory with all the night lights on hahaha. I have to agree that it's a really magnificent structure!

3) London Eye
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We just admired the London Eye from afar. The Big Ben and the London Eye are in the same vicinity. You can see both of them after exiting Westminster station. Westminster Abbey is also within walking distance, so we recommend that you cover these three spots together!

4) Buckingham Palace

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Pretty much a must-see on everyone's list! Do try to catch the changing of guards!

5) London Bridge

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View from the bridge

Don't get your hopes up because this is really just a normal and simple bridge haha but it is the famous London Bridge that you and I sang about when we were younger! The iconic Tower Bridge should be what you're looking for!

6) Shopping at Oxford Street

 photo P5148708.jpg
The famous bend!

Contrary to popular belief, Topshop and Topman aren't cheaper over in London. In fact, some items are actually more expensive!

7) Harrods
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I don't know why X really wanted to go to Harrods haha but here we were! Harrods houses designer labels and high-end goods. We just took a quick look around and left shortly after.

8) Win tickets to The Book Of Mormons
We tried to get tickets to The Book of Mormons but they were entirely sold out. The staff then told us that they give out 20 free tickets everyday around 530pm. You'll have to fill in a form and drop it into a box. It's like lottery. Do be there early and get the lucky draw form and wait around for the results to be announced!
 photo P5169180.jpg
Everyone waiting for the results.
Unfortunately, we didn't win ): haha

9) Catch a West End Theatre show
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The 39 Steps is a 1.5 hour comedy that is acted by a cast of 4. The speed and way that the actors switch around to play different characters is pretty amusing and the show in general is quite entertaining!

10) Greenwich Mean Time Clock
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The clock that every time zone is based upon!
The only place where you're in sync with the official start of time haha

11) Greenwich Market
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Greenwich market has stalls selling food and vintage items and I'm sure there's something that will catch your eye!

12) Chill in the parks
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The parks in London are too beautiful and it would be a waste to not sit in one and just admire the scenery and soak up the atmosphere. Bring along a sandwich and some fruit juice and you're set for a lovely day, whether with a book, a friend or your puppy

I love how their parks are like. Big empty spaces with lots of trees and benches and dogs are allowed to roam freely. Seeing how all the dogs were running around made me really envious and I really wish that Waffles can enjoy such a lifestyle in Singapore. Also, dogs can go shopping, take public transport and also dine in restaurants in London! How awesome is that!

13) Admire London by night
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X and I stood captivated, in the middle of nowhere, just taking in and digesting the pretty sight. We loved the vibe that London exudes and there we were, smiling and silently enjoying those breathtaking moments that we know we'll always miss and remember

I miss you, London.
I'll be back


Love, K


  1. Some are common but others are amazing like Greenwich Park and Admire London by night... Thanks for providing more unique things to do in London.

    1. Hi there! You're welcome! It's just a list of what we did actually haha. If you're going to London, do check Greenwich out! [:

  2. In the stay of two days you have done a great fun. The list that you have mentioned in your blog is showing your travelling potential. Keep it up. I also love to visit many places during my short trip. I was there last year and just chill in some parks like Regents Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and Victoria Park and visit the Museum of London, The cartoon museum and London film museum. I spent there just three days and had a great fun. Next month I am going here again to attend the marriage ceremony of my cousin before going to los angeles bus tours. The other places that you visit during your two days stay I must visit them.

  3. Hi I really love reading your entries, all those pictures made me felt like visiting the places you've visited! I would really love to travel to so many places like you do, but as a young student now, I dont have the money to do so, so I would like to ask, how do you afford to go travelling so frequently?

    1. Hello there! [: hehe thanks so much! Means a lot to me to know that people enjoy my blog posts! To be honest, my dad pays for all my trips. He really spoils me!


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