Monday, September 11, 2017

SPRMRKT - New All-day, Brunch & Late Night Menus

 photo SPRMRKT McCallum 3.jpgSPRMRKT was born out of a shared love for food and art. The five-year-old haunt has gone through an interior refurbishment and has recently introduced new all-day, brunch and late night menus of hearty and wholesome favourites at their McCallum Street café. Pair the new creations with their signature smoothies, refreshing organic beverages and boutique wines that follow sustainable, organic and biodynamic practices, and you won't go wrong.

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 photo SPRMRKT McCallum.jpg
Bacon Flammenküche ($18) is a German-style pizza topped with mozzarella, toasted smoked streaky bacon, chopped onions, peppers and bechamel. I liked that the pizza crust was thin and crisp and it is covered with all my favourite toppings. The ingredients are simple, but the flavours work well together. One thing for sure, it's gonna be great with beer!

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Do you like to build your own salad or do you usually opt for the signature combos? Regardless, SPRMRKT has got you covered with their SPRGRD Salad ($17). If you'll like to customize your salad, you can pick from a selection of supergrains, meats, greens, and dressings to pair with a sous-vide or hard-boiled egg. Here we have smoked salmon, soba, vine-ripened tomatoes, egg, corn, and goma dressing. It's not too heavy, and is perfect for those seeking a healthy and lighter lunch option. (Available for lunch and dinner)

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What do you think of when someone mentions fish burger? Do you envision a fried breaded fish fillet sandwiched between two sesame buns? The Herb-crusted Fish Burger ($20) is none of that basic fish burger that you might be thinking about. A deep-fried panko-crusted fresh local barramundi that rocks a pristine freshness and subtle sweetness sits pretty between two lightly toasted black sesame seed buns. The burger is completed with pickled red onions, roma tomatoes, dijon mayo, jalapenos, and crispy fish skin, before it is carefully placed on a plate with fries and housemade slaw. I'm not huge on fish, much less, a fish burger, but I assure you that this is a good one. (Available for lunch and dinner)

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For the portion, the quality of ingredients, and that slab of barramundi, I would say you're getting your money's worth with this one.

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The star of our meal is undoubtedly the Kecap Manis Chicken Burger ($24). The succulent chicken thigh is marinated in a housemade sauce that comprises kecap manis, green chilli padi, lime juice, shallots, and garlic overnight before it is grilled and finished off in the oven. The chicken thigh lays between black sesame seed buns, and is accompanied by a sunny side-up, sautéed cabbage, tomatoes, and housemade mayo. I couldn't get enough of those curly or twister fries, and the chicken thigh was delicious! (Available for brunch)

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Available on the all-day breakfast and brunch menu, the French Toast ($14) is a popular item and well loved items. Brioche is dipped in a mixture of egg, milk, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, before a quick bath in the pan. Fresh Tahitian vanilla pod is infused with honey for 4 hours in a water bath to create a lovely vanilla-infused honey which complements the soft brioche that also comes with mandarin yogurt and fresh berries. If you're looking for something sweet to round off your meal, or a light brunch fix that is refreshing, this might be perfect for you. 

SPRMRKT is exceptionally popular with the office crowd, but do you know that they're open for brunch on weekends too?

2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043
Monday - Friday : 8am - 930pm
Saturday - Sunday : 9am - 5pm


Love, K 

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