Sunday, November 24, 2013

De Dietrich Cooking Demonstration by Chef Peter Rollinson

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I had the honour of attending a cooking demonstration by Chef Peter Rollinson, the Executive Chef of Halia at La Galerie De Dietrich recently. The cooking studio really impressed me with its sleek design and range of equipment.

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Chef Peter was cooking on Le Piano, an award-winning zoneless induction hob with a touch screen control panel which really amazed me with its smart technology. It is able to remember the settings that you set for a particular pot, such that when you move it to another location on the hob, the settings will automatically be set to that of what you were using earlier for that same pot.

As most of us would have already known, Halia is a restaurant that boasts dishes laced with local influence. Chef Peter has fallen in love with local flavours and locally sourced fresh produce and this is heavily reflected in his delicious creations

For this particular morning, Chef Peter demonstrated the cooking process of three of the most popular dishes at Halia. He kickstarted the morning with Jurong Farm Frog Porridge
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Instead of rice, Chef Peter employed the use of rolled oats. This porridge is vastly different from our usual porridge but it has an interesting texture and although it tasted foreign to me at first, I grew to like it. The pesto was really rich in flavour and very appetite-whetting! Together with the juicy and fresh frog thigh meat that Chef Peter calls 'frog lollipop', it's no wonder this oat porridge is one of the most popular starters at Halia!

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The handheld blender was pretty cool!

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Chopped almonds and cheese

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The second dish of the day is Barramundi Fillet with Cauliflower, Curry and Sweet Potato Leaves! The cauliflower puree and cauliflower in curry paste didn't impress as much as the Barramundi fillet did. The fillet was so tender and juicy and so sweet that I was secretly hoping for another portion! Topped with fragrant almond and cheese, the Barramundi fillet really stole my heart!

Time for dessert!
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 photo PB160625.jpg Ginger Parfait with Roasted Pineapple
This has been a signature dish of Halia for twelve years now. And it's not difficult to figure out why when this creation is so brilliant! The taste of ginger is distinct but not overwhelming and the sweetness of the parfait is complemented by the extremely sweet pineapples and chocolate cookie crumble. An absolute must-have if you're dining at Halia!

It was a really insightful morning and I really learnt a great deal from Chef Peter! Can't wait to try out the recipes on my own! If you're craving for any of the dishes showcased in this cooking demonstration, you should be making a reservation at Halia now!

If you're interested in De Dietrich products, do check out their website HERE

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