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30 Minute Cookin'

Hi ya everyone! Rolleyes is back with a new project, 30 Minute Cookin'!

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This time, they have teamed up with six renowned chefs in Singapore to produce a series of videos which will not only help you, but also save you a great deal of time in the kitchen!

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These videos will show you how you can whip up amazing and delicious dishes in just 30 minutes! Who said that yummy food takes a long time to prepare or to cook? You'll be surprised at how easy these recipes are to follow and how much you can actually accomplish in just half an hour!

The cooking demonstration was held at Celebrity Chef Eric Teo's cooking studio where chef himself, taught us how to prepare three simple but hearty and palatable dishes

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1) Wild Mushroom Fritters
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Enoki mushrooms, Shimeiji mushrooms and Oyster mushrooms were first coated in a mixture of self-raising flour and Taiwan Fruit Beer before they were fried. The mushroom fritters were really crispy and the coating was fluffy and light. As good as they were on their own, they have to be paired with the aioli which is a mixture of mayonnaise and a few other simple ingredients such as garlic. It's really simple to make and I've been using this recipe for the egg mayonnaise at my cafe! I was secretly eating the aioli on its own while watching Chef Eric do his magic and hoping that no one would catch me eating it haha

2) Steamed Egg Tofu and Minced Meat in Spicy Coconut Sauce
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Black tofu from Unicurd was utilised in the preparation of this dish. You might wonder what Black Tofu is. It is actually tofu made from black soy bean. The tofu is not exactly black(as you can see from the picture)

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Place the tofu, minced chicken, coconut milk and the other condiments into a blender so that they're mixed really well before steaming this carefully concocted delight.

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I learnt that we have to dry the scallops and cook them well or they will shrink!

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The ingredients may sound a little odd or this dish may look a little odd (that was what I felt at first haha) but when I tried it, I fell in love with it. I was blown away by the creamy texture and how well the richness of the coconut sauce was brought out. The different flavours just complemented each other so beautifully. Not forgetting the crunchy prawns and fresh juicy scallops, yum! This easy-to-master dish will win your heart instantly!

3) Stir Fried Brown Rice with Sambal Belachan
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A healthier alternative to our usual white rice, brown rice was employed in the creation of this straightforward dish. Spiced up with the belachan paste from Prima Taste, this dish is about as simple as it gets with the addition of some common spices and eggs. The end product is incredibly tasty, and also too spicy for me haha.

I'm sure everyone is really keen to find out the exact recipes and how manageable it actually is to prepare these three dishes! So, here's the link : 
As easy as A B C you might think!

More recipes: 

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You can actually cook Butter Cereal Crab and Mongolian Braised Lamb in 30 minutes?! No way. You must be kidding me.. But well, I guess I just have to believe that it's possible!

For more recipes and videos, do check out :

Do let us know what you think of these recipes!

Also, the website is really simple to use and navigate and do stay updated with them by joining their mailing list or following them on the various social media platforms! 

I really enjoyed myself at this event. I'm no cook but I sure have learnt alot of tips and tricks from Chef Eric. He's extremely entertaining and humourous and the cooking demonstration was at no time, boring at all. And he made everything look so effortless and easy that even someone like me, who doesn't cook at all and is a total disaster in the kitchen, is gonna try making the wild mushroom fritters for CNY!

Thank you Rolleyes and Chef Eric for having us !



Love, K

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