Sunday, March 2, 2014

(CLOSED) November8

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November 8 sits within Thomson V Two. You've gotta look out for the entrance because it's easily missed. Occupying an incredibly huge space with cemented floor and dim lights, this place does remind me of my own cafe haha. That's why I like it very much HAHA.

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This place is perfect for large group gatherings and it'd definitely be a big hit if they start serving craft beers or ciders.

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Pu Er - $6

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Latte - $4.50
I had a glass of latte brewed with Dutch Colony beans. Having had their coffee at several places, I have to admit that I don't have that great an impression of their coffee. But I've also come to learn that a good cup of coffee depends on a large number of factors apart from the beans. And November 8 is the first place that's impressed me with coffee from Dutch Colony. 

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Sweet Potato Fries - $7
The fries were soft and packed with soft sweet potato. Not too big a fan of sweet potato fries so didn't quite take to it

We were the only ones there on a Friday evening and I like how the servers were very attentive and friendly. Will certainly drop by again if they start carrying ciders and craft beers!

11 Sin Ming Road
Thomson V two


Love, K

K's rating of November8 : 7.5/10

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