Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Pantry @ Shop Wonderland

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Shop Wonderland is just one of the many cafes along Haji Lane but you can be assured that it's the prettiest and most unique one! When I chanced upon it about two months ago, I just stood in the cafe in amazement hahaha. But because it was a Sunday and the place was packed, I didn't get to try anything.

This time we went there on a weekday and we were the only ones around yay!

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We didn't go upstairs but we were told that they carry pretty homeware and carefully curated accessories there!

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Shop Wonderland gets their baked goods from different bakeries which include Patisserie G, Calendar Cakes, 3 Inch Sin etc.

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Salted Caramel Muffin - $4.80
This must be the most expensive muffin that I've ever eaten, in Singapore. With light hints of salted caramel and bananas, the muffin was quite yummy but I'm not sure if it's worth the price tag.

Iced Latte - $5.80
I had a glass of iced latte brewed with Papa Palheta beans using the beautiful Rocket. The coffee was more on the sour side and a little thin

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Green Banana Cake 
From Calendar Cakes, this unique creation has won the hearts of many and touted as a must try. This moist banana cake was topped with pandan cream cheese and as much as it was a refreshing change from all the cakes that I've been eating, I didn't quite take to it.

The Pantry at Shop Wonderland is an incredibly pretty place that I can spend an entire day in! I really really adore the decor! But I won't be making a trip there specially for their food or coffee, though

37 Haji Lane


Love, K

K's rating of The Pantry at Shop Wonderland : 7/10

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