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The Biggest Parties Around the World

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Summer’s coming and we all know what that means – it’s party season! Whether you’re looking for a bit of international inspiration to shape your next gathering or you’re thinking of booking a ticket abroad (but want to find out what the party scene is like in your chosen destination, first), here’s our guide to the biggest, boldest and most spectacular parties from across the globe – take note!

1) Kings Day, the Netherlands
For some reason, this epic day of celebrations doesn’t get as much international press as it deserves, but trust me – no one knows how to party better than the Dutch. If you’re lucky enough to be hitting Amsterdam around 27th April, you’ll see Kings Day fever take hold of the whole city. From early in the morning, the streets will start filling with stands and people dressed in Kings Day orange, heralding the beginning of some truly extraordinary open-air street parties. Live music, vibrant parties, a citywide street market and a sea of orange-clad locals create an unbelievable party atmosphere. Don’t miss the boat parties on the canal!

2) Full Moon Party, Thailand
White sand, clear blue sea, decorative palms and island chill – what else does Koh Phangan need? Well, this popular island also boasts the “most beautiful moon on Earth”. That’s how the Full Moon Parties were born. Every month, tens of thousands of people gather on the island and the party begins at dusk as the moon rises over the pristine sandy beach. Thousands of lamps are lit, DJ decks and tables are brought out, and the party begins. A truly uninhibited, blissful experience.

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3) Holi Festival, India
Known as “the festival of colours”, Holi Festival has gained worldwide popularity and is constantly aped at foreign music festivals, summer parties and gatherings. Why not hop on a flight from Boston to New Delhi and check out the real thing? Holi Festival is celebrated throughout India and is characterized by the throwing of colourful paints and powders, uniting the entire country in rejoicing over the arrival of spring and the traditional victory of good over evil. Holi Festival will be held on March 13th in 2017 – so there’s plenty of time to start saving for your ticket!

4) Carnival, Brazil
Celebrating Carnival in Rio has to be the ultimate dream for every party animal. Indeed, more than 500,000 foreign visitors make the pilgrimage to Rio every year to experience it. Expect sparkling costumes, plumed headdresses, deep beats of the samba drum, exquisitely detailed floats and a parade which is incomparable. It is a euphoric event which is about more than a simple party. It’s about the true culture and experience of Brazil. From the poorest to the richest citizen, everyone in Rio comes together to express the soul of the Brazilian people. To experience this phenomenal event, visit Rio from February 24th - March 4th next year.
So whatever your party flavour, you can take inspiration from some of these epic events. Why not hold a Carnival-themed summer bash complete with outrageous outfits, or use the full moon as an excuse for some serious outdoors partying? Whatever your big event, you’re sure to find some inspiration…or you could always book a trip abroad in the name of research!

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