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Everything is Made from Scratch @ Plentyfull (Millenia Walk)

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Plentyfull is a modern brasserie that takes extreme pride in serving up honest food made from the freshest ingredients and seasonal produce. The all-day restaurant, patisserie and gourmet grocer does not use preservatives at all and everything is made from scratch in-house. Diners can look forward to a meal that is both healthy and tasty. According to Head Chef Victor Loy, the 132-seater does not even own a can-opener and even the bacon is made right here in their kitchen.

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Passionfruit Smith - $7
I'm not huge on fruits but I do occasionally get a glass of freshly squeezed orange or apple juice. I never really had the chance to try a mix of different fruits together because they always consist of a fruit or vegetable that I don't take. When I saw the Passionfruit Smith which is a clever and solid outfit of passionfruit, apple and lime, I knew I had to try it. I loved that every mouthful delivered fresh passionfruit meat and a delicious concoction of apple and lime. Highly recommended!

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Plum Salted Tomato - $6
The menu changes regularly and the kitchen team is always using fruits and vegetables that are in season to come up with new and innovative dishes. The tomatoes were a huge hit with the rest.

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Plentyfull Fries - $12
We were wondering if these were spam fries at first as they were so thick but we realised that there isn't spam here for sure! Russet potatoes are shaved, stacked and steamed before they are sent on a quick trip to the fryer. Strips of real potato with a thin crispy exterior? More, please.

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House Flatbread - $10
I'm a carnivore who loves carbs. I love bread, potato and pasta and the flatbread here had my heart at hello. While everyone was busy tucking into the vegetable dishes, I was happily devouring the flatbread which comes with nori butter and elderflower caramel & EVO oil. I had at least three pieces! So so good. If you love bread like I do, you have to order this! The accompanying condiments were really awesome too.

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Pan-fried Farmed Barramundi - $26
I'm hardly impressed by fish dishes but this blew me away. The barramundi was really fresh and it was so well-cooked! The meat was soft but firm and that crisp skin was a winner. It is paired with a yuzu wasabi glaze which was a refreshing combination and no doubt, a delectable one.

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Pure Black Natural Angus Strip Steak - $36
The dry aged grass-fed steak was unfortunately, unevenly cooked. Some parts were rarer than others and I received an almost rare piece so I was quite disappointed. I was really looking forward to it!

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Smorgasbord of Plentyfull: Chicken, Pork Jowl, Lamb Merguez - $48
Meat-lovers can revel in a platter of meats that come with three housemade dips : sambal belachan, Thai chilli jam and cucumber mint yoghurt. The pork cheek was my favourite!

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The Queen's Cake ($9) is Plentyfull's take on the classic Ispahan. Think strawberry sponge layered with rose cream and fruits. The Mango Coconut Cake ($9) was a unique combination that works and my favourite of the lot was the Choux Puff ($6). Can't help but fall in love with that well-made puff pastry and sweet cream! The pastries are made in-house daily.

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Plentyfull has really interesting dishes such as house smoked applewood mussels, tempeh fries, pumpkin gnocchi and a vegetable dip featuring purple broccoli from Little Farms. Dinner here will definitely be an unconventional experience! Do look out for gourmet bites dished from a trolley too!

Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80
Monday - Sunday : 1130am - 1030pm


Love, K

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