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Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa - Possibly the Best Resort in Honshu (Japan)

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Located in Odawara, western Kanagawa prefecture, is Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa which spans a jaw-dropping 230,000sqm. The 5-star hotel sits between the Hakone Mountains and Sagami Bay, and is just 30 minutes by bullet train from the bustling city of Tokyo. This makes it an extremely popular holiday destination for Tokyoites. The wheelchair-friendly resort boasts modern amenities, hot spring pools, a wealth of recreational amenities, 173 refreshed rooms and diverse restaurants. We rented a car from Odawara Station and drove to Hilton Odawara. There is free parking in the resort so you don't have to worry about expensive parking fees!

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The resort offers versatile function spaces that can hold up to 1,000 guests. Be it business conferences, meetings, or wedding ceremonies, Hilton Odawara has got you covered.

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View from our room!

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The newly refreshed rooms incorporate distinctive Japanese design drawn from Odawara's rich history and nature. All guest rooms boast ocean views, balconies, seating, working and dining areas.

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The room is incredibly spacious. Apart from the two fluffy beds and a sofa bed, the tatami area can sleep up to six people I believe.

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There is a separate bathroom and toilet and, needless to say, they are huge! They also come complete with Crabtree & Evelyn shower products.

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In the wardrobe lie yukatas that you can wear to the onsen. Laundry services are available but if you prefer to wash your clothes yourself, there are coin-operated washing machines and dryers too.

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Hot spring which has 11 hydrotherapy pools.

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The pool here is quite revolutionary. There is an indoor-outdoor pool that is divided by an automatic door. So it's like you can exit the indoor pool right into the outdoor pool in a step! Amazing. There's also a 25-meter indoor pool and the locker room is enormous!

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I was immensely impressed by the number of recreational activities there are in the resort. Apart from tennis courts, a driving range, an 18-hole putting golf course, fitness room and walking tracks, the resort has a video arcade and bowling alley as well. The bowling alley has just gone through a facelift so you can look forward to a spanking new alley!

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Hilton Odawara also has a number of karaoke rooms that cater to different party sizes. The largest room can fit at least 20!

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There are five dining establishments to pamper your tastebuds. We had a lovely traditional Kaiseki dinner at Brasserie Flora!

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We thoroughly relished our dinner! I loved the beef, which we got to cook ourselves.

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After a rejuvenating rest in the exceedingly comfortable room, it was time for a delicious breakfast to kickstart the day.

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We headed to Brasserie Flora for breakfast and the spread definitely pleased our palate.

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Lunch and dinner buffet are available at Brasserie Flora too.

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We took a walk around the property and it was difficult trying to take in the sheer amount of space this resort commands. It's just insane.

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Two-storey cottages that are perfect for big groups and families!

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Some of the cottages are dog-friendly, so you can bring your furkids along. There's no better holiday than one that you can bring your beloved pooches with!

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Top attractions near Odawara include the Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park, Venetian Glass Museum, Lake Ashinoko and the Odawara Castle. We drove along the Ashinoko Skyline and caught fantastic views of the lake and the majestic Mount Fuji.

photo Owakudani Hakone.jpg
We also used Odawara as a base to explore different places. Here's the Owakudani volcano in Hakone.

photo Hakone Shrine.jpg
Hakone Shrine

photo Fuji Safari Park.jpg
Fuji Safari Park where you can be just centimetres away from lions, tigers, bears and other animals, in the safely of a vehicle. You can drive your own vehicle in or rent a safari jeep from the park. It was an unforgettable experience being so close to these magnificent creatures! There is also a petting zoo where you can pet kangaroos and capybaras, and a dog-house where you can carry small doggos.
photo Shibazakura.jpg
Fuji Shibazakura Festival. The festival runs till the end of May, and we were unfortunate enough to have visited on a cloudy day. Hence, we couldn't see Mount Fuji, which is supposed to stand tall and proud behind the trees.

photo Ice Cave Japan.jpg
There are a few interesting caves (Ice Cave, Wind Cave, Larva Cave) just a short drive from the Fuji Shibazakura Festival so you can consider visiting if you have time!

Hilton Odawara is really a resort where we can spend days at. They have a slew of activities that cater to all ages and we assure you that you won't even get bored here. Odawara is also a great location to explore Hakone from. So, if you're looking for a relaxing, gratifying and memorable stay, look no further!

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250-0024, Odawara City, 583-1 Nebukawa, Japan 

Love, K

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