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Fuji Safari Park - An Up Close Encounter with Wild Animals

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People heading to Tokyo on vacation will usually include the touristy stuff in their itineraries. Activities include visiting Kawaguchiko for a glimpse of Mount Fuji, spending the day at Disneyland Tokyo, taking pictures at the famous Shibuya crossing, and more. Few know about Fuji Safari Park, which is near Mount Fuji. Fuji Safari Park gives you an experience somewhat similar to what you will experience in a safari in Africa, but at a fraction of the price.

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You can choose to drive your own vehicle in (the park is not responsible for any damages caused by the animals), or hop on one of their buses, or rent a safari navigation car from them. Driving into the park gives you a feeling like you're entering jurassic park, with double gates guarding each of the seven zones. The whole trail will take about 50 minutes. You are not allowed to get out of the car, or wind down your windows.

Bear Zone
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Such a treat to see cubs running around with their mummy!

Lion Zone
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The lions were right next to our vehicle. It was absolutely amazing to see these majestic creatures up close.

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Tiger Zone
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Cheetah Zone 
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Elephant Zone
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Herbivorous Animal Zone
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If you're even thinking of getting closer to animals walking on the roads, don't even try. There are safari rangers who are watching you, and they will come after you.

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Mountainous and Herbivorous Animal Zone
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Fureai Bokujo
photo Fuji Safari Park Petting Zoo.jpg  The petting zoo is filled with friendly animals such as red kangaroos, capybaras, and red pandas.

There's another section, the Doubutsu Mura (Walk-Through Animal Village) which we did not visit as it started raining. You can see lycaon (African wild dog), leopard, hippopotamus, striped hyena, cape hyrax, African porcupine, ring-tailed lemur, alpaca, common squirrel monkey, Bennett's wallaby, rabbit and guinea pig here. 

The House of Dogsphoto Fuji Safari Park Dog House.jpg
Entering this place that's filled with fluff and cuteness will cost you an additional 500yen. If you're not a huge pup fan (impossible, I know), you can go to the House of Cats, or House of Rabbits.

A Safari Zone tour in your own car will cost you only the park admission fees : 2,700yen/pax
The jungle bus allows you to see wild animals up close and feed them through the wire-netted windows of the bus : 1,300 yen/pax
Safari Navigation Car : You can enjoy off-road driving in these vehicles and you can even feed some animals : 5000yen / 5 or 7pax 

If you're a big animal fan, like me, I'll really recommend that you pay this park a visit! Also, our article on 17 animal places in Japan should interest you : click here

Japan, 〒410-1231 Shizuoka Prefecture, Susono, 須山字藤原2255−27
Daily: 10am - 330pm


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