Wednesday, August 2, 2017

(CLOSED)Catfeine - The New Kid in Bukit Timah (The Hillford)

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Bukit Timah is home to many cafes and the charming neighbourhood has no lack of F&B options. Joining the party is Catfeine, a relatively new cafe sitting at the corner of the commercial stretch of The Hillford. An abundance of natural light streams into the simply-decorated space. You will notice a snug little corner dedicated to books and feline plushies (truly living up to the CAT in Catfeine).

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Catfeine prides themselves on their coffee, a customized blend procured from Smitten. Three different types of beans are carefully brought together to produce a decently aromatic and smooth cuppa. I had the iced latte ($4.50), which I felt could be a tad more robust, but I couldn't really fault it because the price point was more than reasonable. They have interesting floral lattes such as Rose Latte, Elderflower Latte, and Lavender Latte too.

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Apart from the sandwiches, and waffles, everything on the menu is sourced from suppliers. We decided on the Duck-gle ($12) which sees foie gras slices, caramel sauce, and orange zest, sandwiched between two halves of a bagel roll. I thought that the bagel was way too soft, and the entire combination tasted a little odd.

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The Laksa Seafood Shepherd's Pie ($15) is a mix of mashed potato and laksa paste, studded with seafood. While it wasn't outstanding, it was still relatively satisfying. Perhaps, it's because I love mashed potato. Well, at least it was served piping hot, and there's a side of salad to complete the meal.

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For dessert, we went for the KayaGooyoo ($12). KayaGooyoo is a familiar term to most of us who love our kaya butter toast. As you probably would have guessed, the waffles come with kaya and gooyoo (butter), and also a "soft boiled egg" built from icecream, whipped cream and a thick slice of peach. The waffles were soft and airy, and lacked that buttery fragrance that I adore. If this is your kinda waffles, then you probably would enjoy Catfeine's waffles.

I probably wouldn't return for their food, but if I'm in the area and in need of a good cuppa joe, I might consider popping by. Catfeine is conveniently located right behind a bus stop so we would recommend getting here via public transport. Parking seems to be an issue here!

The Hillford
182 Jalan Jurong Kechil, #01-50
Singapore 596152
Monday, Wednesday -Friday : 8am - 8pm
Saturday : 9am - 930pm
Sundays : 9am - 7pm


Love, K

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