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Audace - Contemporary French Restaurant at Wanderlust Hotel

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Unlisted Collection has struck again. This time, they bring you Audace, a new dining concept celebrating fine French Bistro fare with a contemporary touch. Audace, short for Audacity, is the brainchild of Michelin Star awarded Chef Jérémy Gillon from Le Montana in the French Alps, and sits pretty in the iconic Wanderlust Hotel. Menu highlights include Roasted Black Carrots and Pork Beetroots dish.

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The menu changes frequently and this is the box that they keep all the past menus!

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We started the night with a glass of Hunky Dory each. The wine was a little on the sour side, but it definitely opened up our appetite.

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Amuse Bouche

Chef Jérémy uses ingredients and components that add brightness and freshness to his dishes. Chef Jérémy’s creates his dishes daily with produce hand selected from Tekka Market. He also sources his own herbs from the alps to make infused syrups, vinegars, cocktails, coffees and teas. 

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Our six-course dinner started with a refreshing Barramundi Carpaccio ($11). Pumpkin strips and cubes, together with pesto and fresh coriander give the dish a vibrant and colourful look. The barramundi was light, and void of that pungent fishy taste that we all detest. It was, overall, a simple, but delightful appetizer.

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A gorgeous and impeccably round Egg Yolk Confit ($15) sits in the middle of the bowl. Resting partially on it is a slab of smoked foie gras that won my heart. The light and tasty mushroom consommé was just about the perfect finish to the dish. I liked it so much that my dining partner offered me her share!

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The Braised Octopus($19) sees an expertly-braised octopus tentacle paired with a smooth grilled onion salad, roasted hazelnut and basil. I liked that the octopus was flavourful and chewy, but not too tough. The best part for me was actually the onion salad and adorable little onion blobs which had a captivating sweetness.

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I've always preferred meat over fish but I've been blown away by too many fish dishes in recent times that I think I might be a convert soon. And the Steamed Seabream ($26) at Audace is, undoubtedly, one of them. Mediterranean Seabream is steamed with utmost precision to bring out the best in the ingredient. The soft seabream possesses a pristine freshness that you can taste in every bite. The star is then complemented by broccolis, salted lemon paste and black olive powder. While the lemon paste and olive powder added an interesting and noteworthy dimension to the dish, nothing can steal the limelight from that flawless slab of seabream. This is one fish dish that will be difficult to forget.

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The Beef Striploin($29) is a mainstay on the menu, and rightfully so. The striploin sports a beautiful medium rare, and had a tender, yet firm, bite. Every mouthful makes you long for more. I would highly recommend getting this, but the price point is pretty steep for the portion.

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Rich and smooth Chocolate Ganache ($13) to end our meal? Yes please! Complete with roasted coco nibs and Monarde Sorbet, this dessert isn't too heavy but makes for just an adequate conclusion to the night. 

Don't expect to be filled up with just an order of what seems like a main course. You probably would have to spend quite a fair bit of money here to satisfy your growling tummy. However, if you don't mind spending, you will most probably take a strong liking to the unique dishes here. 

Wanderlust Hotel
2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494
Monday - Saturday : 730am - 1130pm
Sunday : 1130am - 4pm


Love, K 

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