Sunday, October 29, 2017

(CLOSED)Salt Grill & Sky Bar - Good Choice for Special Occasions?

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This is my second visit to Salt. The first time was in 2012 during Restaurant Week. I remember loving the ambience and having pretty great things to say about the food. 5 years on, I'm back again. This time, I was here to celebrate my birthday. Of course I was excited to celebrate my special day at one of the most highly acclaimed restaurant in Singapore, perched on the 55th storey in the heart of town, no less.

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We got half a dozen oysters to share. The oysters were pretty plump and carried a lovely briny taste. We were definitely off to a good start. We contemplated ordering half a dozen more.

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I love foie gras, and naturally couldn't resist getting this appetizer. Unfortunately, the foie gras was overcooked. It was too tough, and it didn't melt in my mouth like most of the slabs of foie gras I've tried before.

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Hokkaido Scallops, with a beautiful sear, arrived and we dug in promptly. We didn't think that a famous restaurant with numerous accolades will serve up a plate of overcooked scallops which were dry and tough. We were really disappointed.

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My dining partner and I both ordered a medium rare steak. There were plenty of options, and we were shown and introduced to the various cuts of beef that were available that evening. My partner's beef was a decent medium rare, but I can't say the same for mine. I popped a small piece into my mouth and chewed for quite some time. My steak was tough, and definitely overcooked. I raised it up to the server and she suggested that I cut through the middle to see if it was a medium rare. She seemed pretty confident that it would be a nice medium rare in the centre, but to all our horror, the middle was more cooked than a medium. She apologised and sent it back to the kitchen immediately.

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I received my medium rare steak about 25 minutes later and thankfully, it was executed well this time round, and I finished most of it.

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The servers did not ask if we were celebrating a special occasion when my dining partner called to make a reservation. He also didn't notify them that we were celebrating my birthday so we didn't get a cake on the house or anything, but I noticed that a lady who was celebrating her birthday at another table received a rose and a plated dessert.

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To be very frank, the amount that was splashed on this meal (about $400) could have gotten us a better meal at another restaurant which has a similar ambience, and offers similar panoramic views of the city.

All in all, our verdict is that Salt isn't a good choice for special occasions.

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ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#55-01 & #56-01
Singapore 238801


Love, K

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