Monday, March 19, 2018

(CLOSED)Au Petit Salut Celebrated Her Last Valentine's Day

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Au Petit Salut has been on my to-go list for the longest time. I'm glad to have dined there this valentine's day because it was actually their very last valentine's day. The restaurant was running its last service the next day, 15th February. I didn't know that they were closing but I caught wind of it when this couple, whom I assume were regulars, spoke to a staff about the closing. Well, thank goodness I had a chance to dine here before the restaurant was gone for good!

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We were each served a piece of bread before the meal officially commenced. As Au Petit Salut is a French restaurant, I was really looking forward to the bread. Unfortunately, the bread was too hard.

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The five-course dinner ($140++/pax) started with oysters. The plate was designed to hold 3 items, but the restaurant decided to only serve 2 oysters, leaving the middle section empty. It was a little strange, but the fresh oysters were delicious!

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Cream of cauliflower

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Beef tenderloin

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The dessert was definitely the highlight, for me. The rich and creamy pistachio icecream carried a very strong nutty flavour, and was incredibly delightful. The ispahan macaron won my heart with its perfect texture and sweetness. The chocolate cake, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate square, and strawberry mascarpone tarts were awesome too.

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Service was really great, and the servers always made sure that our glasses were filled, and that we were well taken care of. It was evident that many of the diners were long-time regulars. To be completely honest, apart from the oysters and dessert, the food was actually quite disappointing. I don't think we expected outstanding fare, but we definitely were looking forward to better-tasting dishes. It's a shame that this beauty of a restaurant, had shut its shutters, but the chef has taken over the space and opened up a new restaurant called ATOUT! So, if you're a fan of Chef Patrick Heuberger, you know where to find him!

40C Harding Road
Singapore 249548
Permanently closed.


Love, K

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