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Beauty in the Pot - Newest and Biggest Outlet at OneKM Mall

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Beauty in the Pot is possibly Singapore's favourite hotpot place. I've eaten here countless of times, and I remain addicted to their Signature Beauty Collagen Soup, and Fried Beancurd Skin. There were times that I travelled all the way from my home in the west to Centrepoint in the wee hours of the morning just because I had to satiate those intense cravings. Many would compare Beauty in the Pot to Hai Di Lao, which isn't unusual. I am a huge fan of Hai Di Lao too, having first tried it back in 2013. I love their tomato soup, and their fish slices, and I've dined there numerous times too. However, in all honesty, ever since I've tried BITP, I have only been to HDL once, because I was already at Clarke Quay. Are you a huge fan of BITP too? If so, you'll be pleased to know that they have opened their largest outlet, yet, at OneKM mall, just a level above their very first outlet in Singapore.

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The 288-seater is decked out in pretty shades of pink.

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Booths, and private rooms with individual hotpots are available.

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I usually don't get their condiments to go along, but I mixed up their most popular concoction according to instructions, and it was so yummy! Simply top up $3.80 to enjoy their wide range of condiments, and fresh fruits.

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There are 6 soup bases for diners to indulge in — Signature Beauty Collagen Broth, Signature Spicy Nourishing Soup, Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth, Cooling Coconut Broth, Longevity Wine Pine Mushroom Broth, and Vitamin C Tomato Sweet Corn Broth. I love the collagen broth; I can drink so many bowls of it! And I'm not even a fan of soups generally. I also enjoy the drunken chicken broth very much. Those who love ma la must certainly pick the spicy soup, but it looks like it will kill me in a sip, so I've never tried.

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The Fried Beancurd Skin ($4.90/$9.80) is an undeniable star. Dip it into the collagen broth for a few seconds and the skin would have sufficiently soaked up the broth. Take a bite into the semi-crispy beancurd skin and the broth will flow into your mouth as you do so. It's truly incredible how something that seems so simple can taste so delicious. I really love this so much!

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Meats are a must, of course. And BITP has got you covered with different types of beef and pork. Look forward to US Angus Prime Short Ribs, US Wagyu Ribeye, Kurobuta Pork, and more.

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The Ebiko Prawn Paste ($18.80) is a really popular item too. The prawn paste is completely shaped out of prawn meat, and is topped with ebiko for some crunch. I love how springy and crunchy the morsels of prawn paste are! The Laksa Paste is a relatively new addition that has won the hearts of many diners during its limited time on the menu. Due to a huge demand, the laksa paste is now a mainstay.

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The Soft Bone Pork Meatballs ($5/$10) are not to be missed too. Every ball is firm and has a great bite! I love that the servers advise you on how long you should cook an item for. However, I can't ever remember because there are just too many timings to remember hahaha

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An item that you can't do without will be the Signature Homemade Fish Tofu($2/piece). The tofu is always the first item to go into the pot as it has to be cooked for eight minutes. A combination of yellowtail, soya bean, and egg white, each tofu is carefully crafted and promises to please!

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Spice up your hotpot experience with some dumplings, Alaskan king crab, crispy fish skin, succulent sea prawns, and juicy scallops as well! Many might like their fish skin really crisp, but I preferred mine dipped into the soup for a second, or two.

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I'm pretty sad that BITP is not that accessible for me, the nearest outlet being at Centrepoint. Even then, I've dined there so many times. The moment they come to the west, I think I'll have to demand for a loyalty card, and sign up for gym! I've lost count of the number of times I've dined at BITP but I know I'll definitely visit again real soon. I just can't get enough of their signature soup and fried fish skin!

11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-38
Singapore 437157
Daily : 1130am - 3pm


Love, K

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