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24 Guesthouse Namsan - The WORST Place to Stay in Myeongdong(Seoul)

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If you’re heading to Seoul, DON'T DON'T DON'T stay at 24 Guesthouse Namsan in Myeongdong. 

I booked this room for 7 nights (22nd - 29th June) for $53.85/night via Airbnb. It's a single room with private bathroom and tv. When I checked in, I was told by the receptionist that they didn’t have a single room and they will give me a room for 2. I was confused so I said huh, and he repeated himself again. I thought he meant a twin bedroom or a double bed room. Guess what room I got?

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A small room with a bunk bed. 

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"All rooms come with a clothes rack, air conditioning, a fridge and an electric kettle."

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No kettle, no cups, no tissue paper, no tv.

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And please, how dirty can the table be????

I went to the reception desk and told the guy that this wasn’t what I booked and he said “I told you” so I said “it’s not what I booked. Can I have the room that I booked?” And he said “it’s not available. I can cancel and give you a refund now” with a damn bad attitude. He wasn’t even sorry about it. It was like he thought I would just stay because it’s so last minute, how am I gonna get another place to stay right ???

So I asked when I can have the single room, and he said 24th. So I said okay.

I went out and tried to look for other accommodation options. I really couldn’t stay at such a place for two nights, or even one. I came back 3 hours later and I told the receptionist that I wanna cancel the room. So he said “it’s too late. I can cancel for you tomorrow but you have to pay today. No matter if you’re staying or not” so I said okay and walked away for like 2 minutes (up 2 flights of stairs, took the elevator 1 level to my room, and back down). I realised that since I’ve to pay for tonight, I might as well stay just for the night, and have some time to book my accoms for the next day, and so on. So I went down and told the guy that I wanna stay for the night and he got really pissed and shouted something like “what makes you think you can stay, YOU SHOULD ASK ME, I already emailed Airbnb to release the date. Someone is gonna book it.”

I legit ...  so this guy wanna throw me out even though he’s charging me for the night. Sure...

Anyway, I even SAID SORRY, and I stayed for the night. It was really sad because I practically wasted one day in Seoul because of this nonsense. And after I showered, I realised that the sheets were not clean.
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But there was nowhere else to sit. I was really so damn upset, and didn’t even sleep the entire night.

- the elevator isn’t even from the reception level. It’s from the 2nd level so if your luggage is heavy or huge, you’ll really struggle.
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- the towels smell weird (musty old smell) 
- walls were thin (I could hear the person next door snoring, not even kidding)
- you can hear passing cars and trucks (even if you're staying on the 3rd level)
- bed creaks every time you even so slightly move 
- guesthouse is on a hill so you’ve to drag your luggage up 
- the room doesn’t even have tissue paper please 
- the main gate is open all the time so ANYONE can enter anytime
- the room can be unlocked with a key so you can imagine how anyone can just come into this property, pry open your door and possibly steal all your belongings. 

I paid $53.85/night for this room. If you’re telling me that for the price I’m paying, this is very good, I would suck it up and be okay if I had no other previous accommodation options to compare to. BUT I moved from K Grand Hostel which is right smack in Myeongdong shopping area(next to Zara), and the room (which looks like a hotel room) had a clean comfy double bed, a tv, and a nice ensuite bathroom, and I only paid $60 a night. The main gate has a keypad lock and the room can be opened only with a key card. So, of course I was beating myself up over my poor decision of moving out.

K Grand Hostel
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The receptionist at 24 Guesthouse Namsan told me to ask Airbnb for the refund. So I did (don’t know why it’s not my fault but I have to be the one doing it, but okay). Airbnb is still working on it apparently, and they want me to cancel the reservation on my end. So I did this afternoon. Look at the guy's reply. I legit laughed when I saw. SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE LEH

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UPDATE : So Airbnb prompted us to write reviews for each other.
And YAY, I received a negative one of course
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I can't even believe how he could say such things about me when I spoke in a normal voice and tone, even though I was frustrated, the entire time. He raised his voice and shouted at me, after not giving me the room that I booked, and he wasn't even sorry about it. He NEVER once apologised for not giving me the room that I booked, or for anything else at all, and still has the audacity to say that I'm rude yada yada. Some people really... Ridiculous. But really, the best part is him saying I "SPEAK ENGLISH LOW". Dude clearly needs to go to school.

So please guys, do yourself a favour, and PLEASE don’t stay here.


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