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Origin Grill May Have the Best Value-for-Money Set Lunch in Singapore

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Origin Grill might be relatively new, but it certainly is here to stay. The solid outfit, which sits in Shangri-La Hotel, prides itself on putting some of the rarest beef on the plates of discerning diners. Many come here for the Shiro Kin Full Blood Wagyu and Snow-Aged Full Blood Wagyu, but do you also know that the chefs whip up really delicious pastas too? In addition, on top of having quite a spectacular collection of wines, and range of decadent sweet treats, Origin Grill goes a step further to please with an executive set lunch menu($34/$45) that can be described with just one word — unbelievable.

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Bring your business associates, or clients that you wish to impress, to Origin Grill without burning a hole in your wallet. The place might look super dressed up, and incredibly fancy, but the gorgeous spot promises to deliver the best without breaking your bank.

The 3-course(appetizer, main course, dessert) set lunch goes for $34, and the 4-course(2 appetizer, main course, dessert) set for just $45. In case you're wondering why the prices are this affordable, and whether Origin Grill is cutting corners or shortchanging diners, I'm here, and more than happy, to report that Origin Grill keeps to their high standards and sends out only dishes that are bound to satisfy. Seriously, it's such awesome value that I really find it difficult to believe.

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Start your meal with some warm bread, and a glass of wine, if you'll like.

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Appetizers include Soup of the day,

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San Daniele Prosciutto Bruschetta (top up $7) and Norwegian Salmon. 

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For main courses, I'll recommend the Williams River Cross Bred Wagyu Flank Steak 140g(400 days grain fed mb 5/6) which comes with salsa verde and blistered vine tomatoes. As I was cutting through my medium rare steak, I still kept asking myself "how is this set lunch $45?" Dishes created with premium ingredients, and executed to such perfection, really warrant a way higher price tag. But hey, I'm definitely not complaining, and I don't think anyone will too!

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If you're in the mood for seafood, go for the Grilled Fish of the Day which is paired with summer vegetables. Origin Grill is known for their steaks, but when the restaurant has chefs this talented, you know you're in for a real treat no matter what your craving for the day might be.

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One of my dining partners was talking about how she's tried the pasta at Origin Grill before, and was blown away by how good it was. So, naturally, I was really eager to sink my teeth into the pasta. And, I was not disappointed. The perfectly al dente bolognese was the ultimate palate pleaser. I love pasta, but I find it difficult to get an excellent plate of it, at affordable prices, on our sunny little island. And I find it even more difficult to find excellent bolognese. Hence, you can imagine just how happy I was to taste such a delectable plate of bolognese which is topped generously with minced beef, and armed with well-concocted flavours, and just the right amount of tanginess. I immediately texted my best friend, who loves beef bolognese, to let him know that I've found the best beef bolognese in Singapore!

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The Shiro Kin Full Blood Wagyu(500 days Japanese diet) has quite an impressive marbling score of 9. Origin Grill is the only place in Singapore to offer the Shiro Kin, and is one of the very few places worldwide, outside of Australia, to proudly serve this rare award-winning cattle. You can say that the Shiro Kin is truly exclusive. While it isn't part of the lunch menu, it undoubtedly is the star of Origin Grill. The Ribeye (250g) is priced at $198 and Striploin (200g) at $148. I strongly urge steak lovers to pop by for a taste of this highly elusive beef.

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Whether you've gone for the 3-course, or 4-course, set lunch, I'm sure you'll be looking forward to having the signature cakes, which sit pretty on a dessert trolley, or the classic creme brulee to round off your meal. Go for the peach tart, if it's available on the day of your visit!

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Beautifully designed and decorated, Origin Grill is the one place where you can hold corporate events, parties, and even bring your significant other for a romantic dinner. I don't think I need to say anymore about how crazily affordable the set lunch is because I'm sure, by now, you know. And, I believe that you agree with me wholeheartedly too.

Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road, 258350, Singapore
Lobby Level, Tower Wing
Weekday lunch : 12pm - 230pm


Love, K

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