Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pickleville by Sarnies - A New Coffee Haunt in the CBD

 photo Pickleville Sarnies 3.jpg
The Working Capitol on Robinson is a really pretty space that is home to my favourite cupcake bakery, co-working spaces, and now, Pickleville. Pickleville is a new coffee haunt by the folks behind Sarnies, and it sits on level four of the building. The cafe has an abundance of natural light streaming in, and eye-catching gold details that I love. A big thank you to Alainlicious for bringing me here!

 photo Pickleville Sarnies.jpg

 photo Pickleville Sarnies Robinson.jpg
Sarnies is one of the few cafes that I'll return to for coffee, again and again. They have one of the best coffees in Singapore, in my opinion. The consistency in their products have led to my multiple returns to their first outlet in Telok Ayer.

 photo Pickleville Sarnies 4.jpg
I'm pleased that that the iced latte was as good as I remembered it to be! After having a couple of bad coffees recently, I'm really glad to finally be able to enjoy a great cuppa.

 photo Pickleville Sarnies Robinson 2.jpg
Apart from coffee, Pickleville also has lunch options. You can grab some grain bowls or toasts here. If you're looking for a quiet space to do some work, or read a book, Pickleville seems perfect. For now, at least. We don't know how long this place is gonna remain a secret. We reckon that it will get really crowded in no time!

The Working Capitol on Robinson
140 Robinson Road
Singapore 068907
Monday - Friday : 8am - 6pm


Love, K 


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