Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Rice Paper Sister - Solid Newcomer in the Melbourne Food Scene

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After dining at Rice Paper Scissors, I knew that a visit to Rice Paper Sister is a must. If you haven't already caught the reference, the latter is the sister restaurant of the former. Similar to their first restaurant, Rice Paper Sister also celebrates South-East Asian cuisine with their unique take on classic Southeast Asian dishes. Fresh and organic ingredients that are sourced locally are used here too, but the dining experience here seems to be a tad more sophisticated and refined.

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The Tapioca Crisps ($5) with creamy Filipino whipped cod roe and savory furikake flakes was a simple, yet delightful, start to the meal. If we didn't already order too much food, my dining partners would have gotten another portion!

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The Salt and Vinegar School Prawns ($7) come in an adorable metal tin, and are accompanied with a wedge of lime, and Kewpie Mayo. Strangely addictive!

photo Rice Paper Sister Melbourne 6.jpgSashimi of Sustainable Hiramasa Kingfish - $15
The freshness and sweetness of the Hiramasa Kingfish was commendable. The tartness of the fermented rice vinegar and yuzu really brought out the natural flavours of the fish.

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Black Sesame Wafer with Fresh Swimmer Crab, Crab Roe Mayonnaise and Black Caviar - $12/2 pieces
The black sesame wafer is similar to the one served at Rice Paper Scissors (with the ceviche). This clever mix is exceptionally palatable, and we found ourselves reaching for piece after piece. 

photo Rice Paper Sister Melbourne 9.jpgTempura ‘q.l.d’ Lobster Roll - $16/2 pieces
This was so yummy, we ordered another set! I guess anything fried goes well with mayonnaise but the nori mayo was lovely on its own, and the mustard pickles added a tartness that spiced up the entire roll. I've had tons of lobster rolls, but none like this, and I really enjoyed it.

photo Rice Paper Sister Melbourne 8.jpgCambodian Beef Short Rib - $22
Slow cooked in young coconut juice, herbs, and a sticky sauce, the short ribs were really tender and savory. It didn't wow us, but it was pretty well executed.

photo Rice Paper Sister Melbourne 10.jpg
Twice Cooked Duck Leg - $19
Paired with mandarin jam, shanghai pancakes and cucumber, this dish reminded us of our Peking duck roll or pancakes. Albeit not as crispy, the duck leg had quite a fair amount of tender meat. It might get a little dry, so don't skip the jam!

All in all, Rice Paper Sister is worth a visit, but I feel that the dishes at Rice Paper Scissors are bolder, tastier, and more creative.

15 Hardware Lane
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Monday - Thursday : 12pm - 3pm, 530pm til late
Friday - Saturday : 12pm til late
Sunday: 12pm - 3pm, 530pm - late


Love, K

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