Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kisumé - New High-End Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne

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Kisume is a high-end Japanese restaurant by The Lucas Group which also owns the famous Chin Chin. The name 'Kisume' itself means pure obsession with beauty. This was where I had my very first Japanese meal in Melbourne. I was so eager to dine here, you have no idea. Once I was seated at the counter, and presented with the menu, I wasted no time, and went for the omakase set ($88) right away. The chefs know best, don't they?

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Watching the chefs in action riled up my level of anticipation. I couldn't wait for my first course!

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I was off to a superb start This sweet corn puree with ikura came with a transparent blob topped with gold flakes and caviar. How exquisite! This was a small, but amazing treat, and I was fascinated by the seafood flavours in the little ball. And I thought to myself, it can only get better from here.

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Sushi was next! I love sushi so I really had high expectations, especially when Kisume was recommended by a food blogger in Melbourne.

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I have to tell you that I was sorely disappointed in both the taste and texture of the rice. The rice was inconsistent, and some parts were hard. It also wasn't tasty enough, and was lacking vinegar. Rice is king when it comes to sushi, so no matter how good the fish might be, bad rice kills everything. I know I can't compare the sushi here to what I had in my 42 days in Japan, but I have to say that even the sushi in Singapore is better. Note that the fish used at Kisume is not imported from Japan, but is mostly from Australia and New Zealand. The freshness and quality of the fish was decent.

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This was an interesting one - smoked Wagyu sushi with black truffle.

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I liked the fancy presentation and the strong smokiness in the beef (albeit a little overwhelming), but this didn't quite make the cut either.

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The meal ended with a comforting chrysanthemum miso soup which carried a pleasant floral scent.

The omakase set is reasonably priced at $88, and seems to be good value for those who will like to try an omakase dinner without breaking the bank. However, as with the food at Chin Chin which was severely overpriced and an utter letdown, the food at Kisume could use some work. I would gladly pay more for better tasting sushi.

175 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Sunday - Thursday : 1130am - 11pm
Friday - Saturday : 1130am - 1130pm


Love, K 

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