Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cheesecake Cafe

The east has many many good food and hidden finds and after spending most of our time scavenging in the west and central area i decided to hit the roads to uncover some of the interesting places further out east.

One of these places is the Cheesecake cafe. We went to the Cheesecake cafe for dessert after our friday's night dinner date. The Sun usually has tuition classes till late on fridays, so it wasn't a difficult choice deciding on this place as it is one of the few that opens until 12.30am.

It is located along east coast road and that stretch itself has lots of other nice places like temptations , obolo , pave chocolate, ice cream chef etc etc. And this is only desserts! Would love to stay near there!

Upon reaching at the cheesecake cafe, our attention were immediately attracted by the bright yellow sign board. Parking is available across the road among the private estates but park at your own risk! The cafe was packed as it was a friday night and we had to wait outside for about 15 mins before our table came. There is an empty space outside the cafe which i thought could be used as alfresco dining when i was waiting outside, but once i went into the cafe, i know why they would rather their customers wait and experience the decor inside.

The service was pretty good, they were quick to take our orders as we waited outside and once we were seated, our cakes came with little fuss. I like how they used dvd covers as menu! something i've never seen before.

Cute signages that fits the theme of the restaurant

waiting area and main entrance. you really couldn't tell what is awaiting you inside.

TADAH ! the moment i went in, i was in a state of awe. The place was very meticulously decorated. The setting within the cafe was set in like, Victorian / Gregorian times. An entire shop filled with paintings, sculptures, water features, chandeliers. It is so beautiful inside you almost forgot it is a modern cafe selling cakes! If Antoinette is minimalistic and classy then the cheesecake cafe is a form of chaotic opulent. And you could never have figured out that a shop name like the cheesecake cafe has such a beautiful surprise hidden inside.

a roman statue

Just talking bout how nice the place is, is distracting me from our main objective there, the cakes. I'm pretty fond of cheesecake, the classic kind so i ordered the classic american cheesecake. It was good, a good mix of creamy cheesy taste with that bit of sweetness in it. Good biscuit crust at the bottom as well.

The sun wanted to order their special brownie chocolate cheesecake but was sadly sold out. She ordered the peach jelly cheesecake in the end. It was supposedly the shop's specialty as well, but i'm not too sure im a fan of the unique combination. The sun quite like it though and thats all thats important (:

wall filled with portraits and ceramic sculptures

A water feature in the centre of everything

I've mentioned before in an earlier post that i do like my good food and beautiful places to come with a nice toilet. And for such a nicely thought out cafe, their toilet didn't disappoint. Fits the theme to a T. Grade 1 !
Granite tiles and sink

I would start another tag from this post onwards, and thats "First dates places". Definitely, you will wow your partner. (:

685 east coast road, Frankel estate
Opening hours:
3.30pm – 12mn (Sun/Wed/Thu)
4.30pm – 12.30mn (Fri/Public Holidays)
3.30pm – 12.30mn (Sat)

★ ★ rating of the place: 9/10
★ ★ rating of the cakes: 7.5/10

★ ★

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