Friday, August 12, 2011

K-Ki & The Little Drom Store

Ann Siang is a wonderful place,

With interesting and delightful gems.

The Star and I went to Ann Siang one day and went to K-Ki. Much has been said about this place and what I have to say probably will be boring because everyone would probably already have known haha.




There was a pretty good range of cakes and the lady at the counter took time to introduce every cake to us. Such a sweet lady.


Being a coffee and chocolate lover, it was by instinct that I picked Domo. It was supposed to be a good mix of chocolate and coffee mousse. However, I didn't fancy it much. Cute as it looks, I would not recommend this cake. It somehow is just not pleasing to my tastebuds


The Star picked Antoinette which is a pretty cake with a mango centre embedded in smooth white chocolate mousse. The Antoinette was a pleaser, the white chocolate mousse was so smooth and it melts in your mouth. The chemistry between the mousse and the mango centre was so electrifying. It was really good. The Star loved it and so did I.

The Star insisted on having a cheesecake souffle but I didn't let him. Reason being we ate 2 meals for lunch. Haha. When I finally said okay, it was sold out HAHAHAHA. He couldn't get over it and kept harping on it for the rest of the day. The cheesecake souffle looks like it would have tugged on The Star's heartstrings. Poor boy hahaha but I promised him that we will go back there for his souffle soon. Haha.

Connected to K-Ki is The Little Drom Store

It is one of those really cute shops with too many interesting and cute things for you to be fascinated by. Being kids at heart, The Star and I love places like these. Hence, we spent quite an amount of time looking through all the items. They even sell Polaroid 600 films! So for people who are looking for the film, look no further! Here's the place!

Overall, we adore K-Ki. We love how the place is so simple and yet, really comfortable. We could have just sat there all afternoon talking about everything under the sun over two delicious slices of cakes.

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of K-Ki : 8.5/10

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