Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Forty Hands

The sun is out holidaying in KL these 2 days , and i know when she's back she will be checking to see if i blogged. if i have not posted a new entry here, she'll be pretty bitter since the last 3 posts were all by her. So here it is ! hahahaha. i know you too well. cant wait for u to be back (:

Once in awhile, i would plan a day full of activities for us on the weekends. and I would keep her in the dark about where we would be going. i like the suspense so i can surprise her when we arrive at our destination! Sometimes, she would guess it right and sometimes she wont. Well, most of the time she wont and my face would be brimming with my smugness.

I took her to forty hands at yong siak street for brunch on one of our weekends. She has been wanting to visit there and i read many good reviews about the place including awesome coffee, the sun's favourite. Forty hands is located among old shop houses and walk-up apartments. sitting in an old estate like tiong bahru, gives it a rather vintage and rustic feel which i kinda like.

Upon entering forty hands, it was packed (dont be fooled by the picture above) Given the small size and narrow layout of the cafe, its seating capacity just could not cope with the demands from its popularity. We were rather lucky and managed to get our seats pretty soon and the sun starting snapping away at the cute little things all around the cafe.

chalkboard menu

counter top


The sun ordered a dish with salmon potato soup, toast and truffle fries. And i had the "horniest" tau sar bao. Omg. i have to say that their food are reeeaaalllyyyy goood! i love the soup and the truffle fries. The soup was creamy with huge chunks of salmon and the truffle fries were just crispy and delicious. Dipping the toast into the soup followed by a mouthful of that fries is just heavenly.

And their tau sar pau is easily one of the best i've had. For me, the bun of the tau sar pau has to be fluffy and soft. It is the key to a good tau sar pau afterall you cant really go wrong with sweet red bean paste. And this , was pau at its perfection. I might have exaggerated abit, but no kidding their food is good. Its a pity we didn't order more to try.

hot buns.

hot chocolate.

For our drinks, the sun had this hot chocolate and i had an iced latte. I think this time it is real chocolate which suits the sun's taste while my iced latte was ordinary which is a tad disappointing since they are also known for their coffee. But the tasty food more than made up for it!

cute little poster which we used to grace the column on our blog! i dont mind being horny everyday if i get to eat those hot buns!!

I would certainly want to visit forty hands again to eat that tau sar pau and order more food off their menus. Just thinking of it is making me salivate. If you want to have good brunch , think no more, this is the place.

★ ★ rating of food : 9/10 (highest yet)
★ ★ rating of place: 6.5/10

★ ★

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