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Monday, January 4, 2021

terra Tokyo Italian - Witness the Marriage of Italian & Japanese Cuisine at this One-Michelin-Starred Restaurant


As its name indicates, terra promises a unique style of Italian cuisine, inspired by shokubunka (the honor of Japanese food culture) and Italian culinary traditions. Helmed by Chef Japanese Chef-Owner Seita Nakahara, terra Tokyo Italian does not offer an a la carte menu for either lunch or dinner. Instead, available are 2 set lunch menus($58/$128) and 3 dinner omakase menus($208/308/408) featuring fresh creations built on hand-picked seasonal ingredients imported directly from Japan’s farms and producers. terra prides itself on its selection of fresh produce and the staff will proudly introduce the freshest picks of the day to diners before the meal commences.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

(CLOSED)Pearl of Orient Penang Fiesta @ 10 at Claymore (Pan Pacific Orchard)

 photo 10 at claymore pan pacific orchard 17.jpg
Savour the best of Penang's street food at 10 at Claymore at Pan Pacific Orchard as Chef Andy brandishes his famous Char Kway Tiao with Blue Crab Lump, Assam Laksa with Barramundi and Bak Kut Teh with Kurobuta Pork Belly. Other highlights include XO Popiah, King Prawn Noodles, Pork Trotters in Black Vinegar and Cuttlefish with Kangkong. The Pearl of Orient Penang Fiesta runs till 31st May 2016.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Legendary Cart Noodles 傳奇車仔面 @ Jurong Point 2

 photo Intro.jpg

The origins of cart noodles date back to the 1950s in Hong Kong when it was a common sight to see street hawkers peddling bowls of noodles from their carts in the less affluent areas. At present day, the street hawker trade has dwindled but these iconic cart noodles still continue to thrive as a Hong Kong favourite.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

(CLOSED) Da Tou Xia

Media Invite

 photo P8307811.jpg
The brainchild of a economic rice stall owner turned prawn noodles chef, Da Tou Xia is a must-visit if you're a fan of prawn noodles. There are tons of prawn noodles stalls and shops out there but there's something about Da Tou Xia that not only stands out, but left a deep impression on us

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House

OpenRice Tasting

 photo P4066922.jpg

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House has been flooded with customers ever since news of their closing in June hit the entire nation. Lim Seng Lee was one of the first to serve boneless duck in Singapore and they have been around for 45 years so, as expected, their impending closure has saddened many and, especially, their loyal customers.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

Now that it's raining almost everyday, Bak Kut Teh is certainly comfort food for every soul.

It was a cold and rainy evening when X and I were driving around looking for something to eat when he came up with the idea of bak kut teh! We decided to try the one opposite Clarke Quay, which is also supposedly one of the best bak kut tehs in Singapore

There are numerous parking spaces near the outlet but be prepared to have to wait quite a long time for a lot

The place was packed when we got there. They have two shop spaces which are just a few metres away from each other. But both spaces were full. We waited for awhile before we got a table




Pork Ribs Soup - $6

Pork Tenderloin - $6

Premium loin ribs - $8.50

The meat was tender and the soup was good! It wasn't too peppery and we had youtiaos to go along with the soup too. I prefer black to white bak kut teh actually because I don't like the strong pepper taste in white bak kut tehs but this was just right for me!

Braised Peanuts
X and I both love braised peanuts haha so this was a must-order

Photobucket Salted vegetable

The two of us were extremely full after all these, a bowl of rice and a glass of barley each. Even though the place was packed, service was efficient and we received our dishes shortly after placing our orders. This place is definitely a great choice for dinner on a cold and wet evening! It's raining now, and as I'm typing this, I'm craving for a piping hot bowl of bak kut teh

Where's your favourite place for bak kut teh?

11 New Bridge Road
Tuesday to Sunday : 7am - 10pm


Love, K

K's rating of Song Fa Bak Kut Teh : 7.5/10
(based on food and service)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lai Heng Prawn Noodles

When i was younger, I used to follow my dad to this really old school looking shophouse kopitiam along upper bukit timah road for breakfast.  That stretch of shop houses had since been evicted in place of a condo , The Linear. We would always go to the coffee shop just for one dish, their prawn noodles. I remember quite vividly that the noodles came in a "rooster bowl" and we were always served by an old man who walked around bare-footed. These memories were a good 15 years ago at least.

The current stall now sits in a little corner of a coffee shop along Teck Whye Lane in a more modern setting compared to the one I experienced years ago. They are still attracting quite a crowd. When I went the other time on a Saturday morning, I had to wait around 20 minutes for my food. Definitely, speaks volume of their popularity.

Prawn noodles - SGD$3.50

Prawn Noodles with intestines - SGD$4.50

A big bowl of noodles with dark sauce gravy, complemented with fresh prawns, fish cakes and pig intestines. The secret to the dish is their noodles. It is cooked to perfection. It has a "bouncy" texture yet when the noodles are in your mouth, it feels like they are melting on your tongue. And because the noodle is very well cooked, it is able to soak up the richness of the dark sauce gravy unlike many of those tasteless noodles you get out there. Anyone can add fresh prawns and ingredients to make a dish better but not every one can cook the noodles this well. This is the taste of my childhood. I would say. still as good as ever. 

143 Teck Whye Lane

Love , X

X's rating of Lai Heng Prawn Noodles: 8/10

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eng Kee Chicken Wing

The first time I tried Eng Kee chicken wings was many years back, when my uncle brought me there to eat the "best chicken wings in Singapore" I didn't have high hopes. I mean, come on, its just chicken wings. How good can they actually be?

Well, you'll have to try it to know how good it really is.

Located just a block away from the famous Two Chefs. Eng Kee chicken wings have been my dessert after a meal at Two Chefs a couple of times now. No matter what time I'm there, there's always a queue. They dont only sell chicken wings and have bee hoon and other dishes too.

This was one of the nights where Eng Kee chicken wings were our desserts haha. Despite being really full from dinner, we just had to have the wings

Crispy, juicy and really tasty.

Definitely one of, if not, the best chicken wing in Singapore! The chicken wings are priced at $1.20 per piece. However, don't just get one. You'll regret it. You need at least 2! Haha. Do try the wings and let us know what you think!

117 Commonwealth Drive, #01-711
Mon–Sat: 12pm – 10.30pm 

Love, K

K's rating of EK's chicken wings : 8/10
*rating based solely on food.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice

There are so many cute cafes and stylish restaurants here in Singapore that it is often easy to forget we also have some of the best hawker fares in the world! And its been awhile since we last blogged about places aside from restaurants , so here's one - Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice.

If you have hunger pangs during the wee hours of the night, this is the place to go. As you can see from the picture below, it operates from 11am to 3.30 am which should be late enough for most supper goers. Beach road scissor-cut curry rice is located among the shop houses at Jalan Besar near Mustafa shopping centre. The place is rather old and has this 'old school' feel about it which I think my parents can relate to.
What they sell are some fried ingredients, braised meat and vegetables. Their more well-known dishes are the braised pork and pork/chicken chop. After adding your selected dishes to the rice they will then douse loads of curry and braised sauce over the rice to make it look like the picture below.

Some might find it hard to like the food if you love your rice untainted or if you hate your food to look like a giant mess. But the taste of the entire mixture might change what you think. The curry they use is Hainanese style which is a bit sticky gooey but not very spicy. As all curry does, it goes well with the rice. The rest of the dishes are really just supplementing the taste.  

We spent about SGD $7 for the both plates so it is value for money I would say. K and I went there one late night and it was raining heavily. And with each mouthful I took, the heat from the curry provided much needed warmth for the tummy. Perfect comfort food to have on a cold day.

229 Jalan Besar

Love, X

X's rating of Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice : 7/10
*Ratings given based solely on food*

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

K and I have always been envious of how the east has so much good food and the west has none. Well, that is not exactly true as we found out. Here is a rare place in the far west that is so good , the queue never ends.
Boon lay power nasi lemak. While all the other stalls in the hawker centre are closed for the day, Boon lay power nasi lemak operates into the wee hours of the night. Sounds like a superb idea for supper.

The queue that never ends. It has nothing to do with the speed of their service, in fact they are pretty quick. The crowd just keeps coming.

Stall frontage, displayed with numerous awards and newspaper cutting , true singaporean style.

And after that patient wait , you will be rewarded with a plate of delicious nasi lemak. Crispy chicken wings, fragrant rice,  tasty burgerdale ( Fried potato patty) and the most important of all, the sambal chilli. Really makes a sinful but very satisfying meal. Worth a try.

Boon lay place food centre
Daily: 5pm - 2am

X's rating of the food : 7.5/10
Love, X

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7-inch Square Pizza

A little pizza stall recently opened within a small coffee shop in central Singapore. We all love coffee shops for 2 reasons, affordable prices or delicious food. And when we discover hidden finds like this that delivers on both levels, we are certainly delighted.

This stall is started by an enterprising young man and his friend who aspire to fulfill their dreams and build an empire starting from this very first step. Ju Seng Huat coffee shop at St george's road is where their dream is being incubated.

Coffee shop front. (The pizza stall is adjacent to the drinks stall)

(7’’)2 pizza

The stall got its name from their square pizza that is 7 inches by 7 inches unlike the conventional round pizza. Pardon the quality of the pictures as the lighting was bad but allow my review to do the pizza justice.

Three pizzas on our first order

Tom yam pizza $3.90

This is a definite must try! The home-made tom yum sauce hits all the right notes with the taste buds. It has your usual tom yum fragrance with a tinge of a sour aftertaste. Perfect as the appetizer. We loved it!

Mushroom pizza $3.90

Mushrooms and cheese and a crunchy pizza crust. Need I say more?

Pepper pork pizza $3.90

Freshly stir-fried pork is the main ingredient in this pizza. Cheese with fatty pork meat might seem like a weird combination but this pizza packs quite a surprise. You might just fall in love with it!

Pepperoni pizza $3.90

The all-time favourite, Pepperoni! Enough said. Superb with cheese and the thin crust. Another must try!

I feel that this little pizza stall has all the makings of a successful business. Tasty quality food at really affordable prices. For the taste and portion, $3.90 is DEFINITELY a steal! And with 10 different flavours to choose from, you're in for a treat.

So head on down soon, mention "Strictly Ours"and you might find more ingredients on your pizza! Enjoy!

(7’’)2 pizza
6 St' George's road
Tuesday-Sunday - 6pm to 11pm

X's rating of the food: 7.5/10


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee

Joo Chiat oh Joo Chiat..

The food paradise of the little red dot. I envy people who stay in the East really.

The Star and I were in the East, rehoming a Husky puppy when we decided to try the famous Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee. I was really excited because I've seen how crowded it gets at night. Must be really good right to receive such attention. Luckily for us, we found a parking lot by the stall just a few metres away. Even at an odd timing of 330pm in the afternoon, the place was pretty packed. The Star was very excited too and went to order right away once we found a table hahaha kiasu.


I ordered a small bowl with ketchup while The Star got a large one with chilli
When I first poked my noodles with my chopsticks, I wasn't very pleased. The noodles were in a clump and they were like pretty hard. So i started mixing my ketchup in, praying that the wanton mee will not disappoint me


The noodles are a little thicker than your usual wanton mee and it's slightly chewier. Oh and the only lonely wanton in my noodles was not bad. That's about all that I like about it. The sauce was nothing special, and when mixed with the ketchup, I felt that it was reduced to very normal or common noodles, with nothing unique about it. Kok Kee wanton mee is way better. The Star seemed to think that the chilli version is not bad though.

This was probably the best part of the meal. The fried wantons are really crispy and yummy. The portion of every wanton seems to be just right. The sweet chilli sauce that they provided is unique and goes really well with the wantons. We wanted to order another plate! A little oily though but they were satisfying. The Star secretly wanted to tabao. Don't think I don't know HAHA

We spent about $11++ and felt that it was reasonable.

I'd say they're worth a shot but don't get your hopes up. The top of my list is still Kok Kee wanton mee. Any recommendations on good wanton mee? Please share them with us!

62 Joo Chiat Place

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Fei Fei : 6/10

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pek Kio Market & its Highlight : Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles

Because a friend said that our blog is a failure because all the food is too expensive, we're gonna do a few posts on hawker places to please him.. HERE YOU GO CHOX.

The Star and I have heard about the Pek Kio Market big prawn noodles but we never really planned to try it. One day, The Star, his family and I went to visit his cousin at KK hospital because she just had a pair of beautiful twin girls. So while The Star and I were driving back, we saw a signboard "PEK KIO MARKET" and we were like OH OH OH and we drove there. Hahaha

First thing we did was to search for the prawn noodles. They usually cease operations at 2 pm. When we got there it was 2.15pm already but we decided to try our luck. I was pretty sure we wouldn't get to try the prawn noodles. The auntie told us that they ran out of their famous big prawns and yellow noodles so the best that they can do is to get us a bowl of $5 prawn noodles with small prawns and other types of noodles. We were more than thankful! They're really nice to prepare another bowl for us! YAY




After taking a few sips of the soup, the prawn noodles made its way steadily to the top of my prawn noodles list. It beats Adam Road's and Zion's or anywhere elses' HANDS DOWN. The soup was so savoury. The taste of prawns was really strong and you just can't get enough of the soup. Even though we didn't have the yellow mee (yellow mee is the best noodles because they absorb the soup) but the soup and the fresh prawns more than made up for it.

Another thing about Wah Kee that we love is the Auntie and Uncle that run the stall. They took time to talk to us and told us about the history of their stall. Uncle Wah Kee has been selling prawn noodles for 60 years, can you imagine that. 60 years. He told us about how he gets his fresh prawns and how people usually snap up the big prawns even though they cost $15. The auntie and uncle are really damn nice and we were really thankful that they made us the prawn noodles despite having closed for the day. And they also gave us their namecard and told us to call before we come next time round to ensure that we get the big prawns! Haha awfully nice people.

We also wanted to try the famous Good Spice carrot cake but they were closed. ):
So we got this plate of carrot cake from another stall which wasn't really good. As you can see from the picture, it was like a giant piece of egg with the kueh by the side.


And we just had to get this. It's like a necessity hahah
Half boiled eggs. Everyone loves half boiled eggs right? Haha


So The Star and I were determined to go back there to try the $15 prawn noodles. Here come's a chance! We were at ICA one morning and we decided to go for breakfast at Pek Kio Market. BIG PRAWN NOODLES HERE WE COME! I was damn excited hahaha

Here are the big prawns. THEY ARE REALLY HUGE. The prawns were so succulent and fresh, coupled with the yellow mee and soup, it was definitely one of the best breakfasts I've ever had! And undoubtedly, the best prawn noodles I've ever tasted! Newspaper clippings are all over their stall. That's how famous they are. Uncle Wah Kee came to talk to us again and asked if the prawns were big enough hahaha of course they were!!

We managed to try the Good Spice carrot cake this time round. I had to queue a good 10 minutes for it even though the market wasn't very crowded that morning. The prices are probably the best you can find in Singapore. A plate of delicious carrot cake for $2? It's no wonder that the queue was so long! The stall is operated by an old uncle who's really aged so do support him and try out his famous carrot cake!

Pek Kio Market seems to have quite a few other stalls worth trying. The chicken rice stall had a really really long queue and even though we wanted to try, we were too lazy to battle the queue. Maybe next time.

Time for you to try Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles and Good Spice Carrot Cake if you haven't done so!!

Pek Kio Market
41 Cambridge Rd


Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Wah Kee Prawn Noodles : 9/10
Sun's rating of Good Spice Carrot Cake : 8/10

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh has been around for some time but I've never been there. I've always heard about how good it is and how satisfying it is to have Ya Hua BKT after a night at Zouk. There are two versions of BKT as many would know, the black and the white. Ya Hua's is the white version. I prefer the black to the white because I don't really fancy the strong pepper taste but after hearing so many good things about Ya Hua, I'll be silly to not give it a try when I have a chance to, wouldn't I.

So one fine day, the Star and I were in the area and we decided to head over to Ya Hua for early lunch at 11plus to avoid the potential lunch crowd, especially when it's quite near CBD. It was already pretty crowded when we got there. The numerous photos of celebrities on the wall raised my expectations of the BKT. It must be really good to receive so much support and have so many customers right


We ordered the bak kut teh and some side dishes to go along.




Lean Meat
Salted Veggie


Service was pretty quick, considering the number of customers they had.

To be honest, I didn't think that the BKT was very nice. I have tasted better ones for sure. The only good thing about this place is that it opens till late and it's right by the main road.

Oh right, guess how much this meal(plus 2 soft drinks) cost us? A good $30 odd. Pretty insane for BKT isn't it. Not worth the money at all. I'll suggest Amoy Street Food Centre or Maxwell for lunch anytime over Ya Hua. However, if you're looking for some comfort food after a night of partying, this may be the place for you.

Isetan Office Bldg
593 Havelock Road, Singapore 169641

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of YH BKT : 5.5/10