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Greenwood has gained much popularity over the years as they're house to some really popular restaurants such at Greenwood Fish Market and Peperoni. Hence, parking can be a little bit of a problem as the lots right by Greenwood are always taken. If that's the case, you can park just round the corner near the park.

We decided to head to Greenwood for Brunch one Sunday afternoon and was choosing between Baker and Cook and Bronte. We decided on Bronte and we were certainly glad we did!


Cement floor and white walls.


We sat outdoors as we brought the little furball with us

The happy furball!They provided a water bowl for Waffles!

Bronte has quite an extensive brunch menu, offering a wide range of really tempting items. I took a really long time to choose.. Haha I couldn't decide if I want the pancakes, or the prime beef burger, or the dish similar to Eggs Benedict. Took me at least 10 minutes hahaha.
Hot chocolate - $4.50
My hot chocolate was pretty average. No marshmallows? ):

Iced Mocha
X said that it was quite good!

Poached eggs and hollandaise on rye toast (with smoked salmon) -$17
The poached eggs were so perfectly cooked. When I pressed the knife right into the yolk, it burst and the yolk starting flowing out so smoothly. Oh perfect poached eggs are to die for. The rye toast was a little hard though. The hollandaise was buttery and tasty but I felt that there was too little hollandaise sauce. But overall, I thought this dish was pretty good!

Bronte Brekkie Plate: Eggs (poached), bacon, pork sausage, garlic portobello, potato hash, home-baked beans and rye toast - $22
The portion was huge! The home made baked beans in tomato puree was delicious! X liked the bacon particularly haha. the poached eggs came without hollandaise sauce and hence, were plain and X said that he should have ordered scrambled eggs instead. Perhaps they could add some hollandaise on the poached eggs!

Waffles' new friend. A Spitz!


Marbled chocolate tart with bananas and mascarpone $12
This was soooo good. The staff replaced the mascarpone with cream as they were out of it. The chocolate was smooth and it melted in our mouths! Together with the cookie base, this dessert really won our hearts. We found it a little too sweet as we were halfway through the tart but thats when the cream worked its magic. The cold cream managed to even the sweetness out and provided a tint of freshness. You've to order this if you're at Bronte! X was a little skeptical about ordering this at first but he couldn't stop praising it after he cleaned the plate up. Hahaha

Anyway, we really liked the atmosphere at Bronte. Firstly, the staff are really friendly. Secondly, it's super super chill. It started to rain quite heavily and we were unable to leave. So we spent a really long time at Bronte but we felt so comfortable and relaxed. It was a perfect afternoon spent just chatting, watching the rain, having the cutest pup with us and just relaxing. We loved it.

8 Greenwood Avenue
Daily : 9am for coffee and pastries.
Lunch: 11:30am to 2:30pm Weekdays
Dinner: 6pm to 10:30pm Daily
Brunch 9:30am to 2:30pm Weekends and Public Holidays

Love. K

K's rating of Bronte : 7.5/10

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